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As of November 2013, Onekama School's site will change.  All pages between 1997 and Nov. 2013 will be Archived as OCSArchive on the new site. You will see them, but no additions or corrections will be made.  It's been a fun 17 years!  Barb Eldridge

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Please send your e-mail address and messages to Barb Eldridge: beldridg@manistee.org

Mary Lynn Bradford Mary_Bradford44@hotmail.com I just played in the BCAM All-Star Game, in August! I had so much fun, it was a great experience. I met many different basketball players and coaches, I am very happy I got to have that experience! Just something I have done lately, now I am off to college!!!! See yeah! added 9/02/05

Chris Smith:May 8th, 2008 Christopher graduated from WSCC Police Academy. The
following day he was able to celebrate and appreciate the pride and accomplishment of also receiving his Associate of Applied Arts and Sciences Degree in Criminal Justice. Email remains the same.
smith_montecarlo@hotmail.com added 5/12/08


Erica Jach b_ball_chic187@hotmail.com and ejach@luc.edu I'm getting REALLY excited to be heading off to Chicago in August. I can't wait to meet my roommate and make some new friends and reunite with the ones I made during orientation. I thought I would be nervous, but I have been having such great dreams about it all, that I'm too excited to be nervous. added 7/05

Ashley Zupin: a_zupin2005@hotmail.com is at Northern Photo / Graduation  added 5/09

Derek Etheridge derek@spectero.net

Dominic Morrill: wolverines2005@hotmail.com

Dustin Thomas: Dustinthomas22@hotmail.com

Jackson Carter carte119@msu.edu

Jade Bolthouse jade_bolthouse@hotmail.com Photo

Ashley Johnson: ash_bam@hotmail.com I'm at Northern Michigan University right now and loving it! Hope everyone is having a great time in college. added 8/31/05

Justin Gronostalski Photos 11/25/05 gmoney7338@hotmail.com

LukeAllen lukeallen15@yahoo.com Photo

Mike Coryell mc_plop69@hotmail.com

Chris Pesko: Christopher_Pesko@hotmail.com 11/25/05

Jessica Rick little_rick86@hotmail.com Photo

Josh Vertalka joshv69@hotmail.com


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