Onekama students are signing up to give blood.

Mr.Finan leaves the Halloween party just long enough to donate blood to these, ah, these....

The National Honor Society Students did a great job!

The National Honor Society's Red Cross Blood Drive was held successfully at the Onekama School, Friday, October 30th.

The students listen for information on how to run a blood drive.

Some patients were very brave. Others need a little chat with the local social worker witch.

Some patients even needed a whole group of ladies to give comfort and encouragement. (see young man below as he helps save a life with his blood donation.)

It's a great feeling to know you can help others in need--just by donating blood.

If you are a good patient the let you have a nice snack when you are done.

A special thank you to students, staff, community citizens for donating your blood, to National Honors Society members for your community service work, and to those who contributed food and your time. All of these efforts combined made for a very successful blood drive and ultimately saving lives. There were 61 doners in attendance, 55 complete blood units collected, including 22 first time givers. We appreciate and are proud of Onekama's Spirit and Support! Thank you!

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