Events for 1997-1998

A Photographic Journey Through Our School

Journey 1

  • Mr. Hunter's Garden
  • Yearbook Staff at Work
  • New Business Lab
  • New Chemistry Lab
  • New Media Center

Journey 2


Staff for 1997-1998
  • James Anderson; Middle School
  • Edie Bishop; M.S. Resource Room, Keyboarding
  • Tom Bromley; Social Studies
  • John Burtch: Social Studies
  • Liz Coryell; H.S. Resource Room
  • Debra French; Media Specialist
  • Catheryn Gross; Science, Math
  • Barry Hahn; Science, Physics
  • Jim Hunter; Science
  • Ann Kullenberg; Math
  • Fred Lamm; Industrial Arts, CAD
  • Sally Manke; Life Management, Health, Yearbook
  • Barbara Mason; Tech Prep
  • Dawn Mathews; Guidance Counselor
  • Kimberly Paullin; English, Drama
  • Mick Story; Science, Chemistry
  • Nancy Story; English
  • Larry Thompson, Annie Bentley; Music
  • Thom Thorr; Physical Education
  • Richard Vaughan; Foreign Language
  • Dana Woolman; Art
  • Mary Jo Zadow; Business Ed


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