Mr. Barry Hahn

I have been teaching in Onekama for six years. Prior to teaching in Onekama, I taught at St. Mary's Catholic School in Lake Leelanau, Michigan. I went to Michigan State University in 1977. As a young science student majoring in Fisheries and Wildlife Management, I decided to change majors and pursue a Bachelor of Science degree in 1981. I returned to Michigan State for a Masters of Science degree, finally moving to Benzie county in 1986, newly married, and ready to settle down to work.

My wife had a career in teaching. I also worked with young people, and liked the idea of “staying young” by working with kids. I loved learning, especially about math and science. Consequently, I returned to school, this time at Central Michigan University, and earned my teaching degree in Chemistry/Physics with minors in mathematics and biology.

My goal in teaching is to help every student to do his or her absolute best. I look for students who try and consistently make an honest effort to learn.