Mrs. Liz Coryell

I have been teaching for many years. After graduating from Central with a Bachelors of Science Degree in Teaching the Emotional Impaired in 1980, my husband and I left Michigan. We traveled the country in a van and after several months on the road we settled down in Salt Lake City where we both taught school for the next eleven years. I began my master's degree at the university of Utah. After we moved back to Michigan in 1991, I took night and summer classes at Central and finished my Masters of Arts degree specializing in the Learning Disabled.

Education has interested me for a long time. My mother is a retired 6th grade teacher and strongly influenced me to enter education. I also love observing people, their action, reactions, and motivations.

Teaching has always been something I enjoy doing because I try to look at each student as a unique person with special interests, strengths and needs. My goal is to reach every student and help then achieve his or her maximum potential. Students who are willing to work hard to help themselves are the greatest to work with and end up with the greatest degree of success due in large part to their self determination.