Onekama School hosted an EMPTY BOWLS SOUP dinner on Friday, February 19th in the Onekama School Cafeteria. An early estimate is that over $1300 was raised. All proceeds will be donated to the St Joseph Church Community Food Pantry. The Empty Bowls project received support and sponsorship from the Imagine/RENDER Group, a Wendy's Restaurant grant for the Arts, contributions from local restaurants, bakeries, businesses, Onekama School National Honor Society, Community citizens and the Onekama School Art students. The Art Students busily created each and every bowl individually. The NHS students organized the dinner: food recruitment, publicity and people power to serve the dinner. A large crowd joined us in an effort to make an ending to hunger a priority within our community and the world.

Nation Honor Society Service Award

Project Introduction: Chris Wasserman / NHS Presentation & World Hunger: Jill Wagar / Making the Bowls: Jen Carpenter/ Preparation for the Event: Emily Manke / Hunger Demonstration: Toria Miller

Start with a ball of clay

Add glaze

D.K. & Kdg. made Placemats

Kdg & Gr. 1 Poster Makers

Staff members make bowls February 9.

Bake Sale earns money for Food Pantry

Working at the Food Pantry

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Working at the Potter's Wheel

The Final Product

Learning About World Hunger was part of the Empty Bowl Project.

Junior High Students began the project by learning about World Hunger.

High School Students learn about World Hunger

Making This Web Site & Table of Contents for this site.

For More information on this project: Dana Woolman / Chris Wasserman

Collecting Soup and Bread from local businesses

Arcadia Students Make Bowls / Second Grade Glazers / Third Grade Potters

Many Hands are Needed for tickets, advertising, serving, etc.

Stirring the Soup

Stirring the Soup