Scott plans to create a HyperStudio presentation of their 6th grade class trip to Mackinac Island

Onekama's Computer Clubhouse 1999

For students entering grades 6-8

Meets in the Media Center daily from 10 until noon or from 1 until 3

Students may use to use a variety of computer programs

Adults are welcome to come in and use the computers. Call the school for more information, or

Victoria is planning to document her summer vacation using Microsoft Word and digital images.

Alex is considering photographing local trees and producing a computer identification guide to help younger students.

Jordan K is using his skill with HyperStudio to make a "Guide to Using HyperStudio" which will be available to younger students. Jordan W is working to tell about his class planting petunias. He is getting his images from the Internet where they were posted by his teacher.