Mrs. Zajac

The Title 1 Program in Arcadia/Onekama Elementary School incorporates technology with the academic skills in Developmental Kindergarten up through Fourth Grade. Mrs. Kathy Zajac, teacher, and Mrs. Kathy Cook, paraprofessional, work with all of the students 35 minutes three to five days a week.

They spend mornings in Arcadia with Second and Third Graders. Much of the time the students are in the Mac Lab word processing, keyboarding, and applying skills they have learned.

Occasionally, classroom lessons are planned such as writing that are coordinated with the curriculum. Often they are able to type their final products in the lab. The students are very proud of the published work in the Arcadia Newspaper.

Afternoons are spent in Onekama working with DK. K, 1st and 4th Grade students. The younger students learn the basic computer skills, beginning wordprocessing, and use programs to reinforce academic skills. In whole classroom instruction in First Grade, we are using a phonemic awareness program, Making Words, by Pat Cunningham. Also, weekly we work with small flexible groups targeting specific skills.

This fall the Fourth Graders have learned and used strategies to read informational text. They have used their writing skills to evaluate their comprehension. All in preparation for the MEAPS. Next we will concentrate on process writing. In the Mac Lab, these students focus on word processing and publish their writings in the Fourth Grade News. The many programs also available reinforce and enrich the students' skills in the content area.

As you can see, our Title 1 Program encompasses a variety of skills students will need for the future.

Kathy Zajac

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