Animal Sites
Insects: Entomology Site
Worm World: Kalamazoo Worm Woman
Wolf Organization: Minnesota site
SeaWorld: Information about animals
Microbe Zoo Michigan State University

Journey North: Migrations

Wild Turkey Federation

School Frog Project

Earth and Beyond
Volcano World: Information on volcano
More Volcano: US Geological links
Weather Net: University of Michigan
Galaxy Page: University of Arizona's
Earth Topics: Living Web, USGS
The Jason Project: Adventures everywhere
In the News

CNN's Earth News News topics from CNN

National Geographic: Topics from magazine

Discovery Channel: Wide variety

The Why Files: National Science Foundation

Tomorrow's Morning News for Kids

Just for Kids: Links to a variety of sites

Science & Technology

Tech Museum of Innovation

Bill Nye, Science Guy

Periodic Table of Atoms

Cells Alive

Many sites are listed in Scholastic News

Elementary Students: You are expected to stay at the sites suggested by your teacher. If you accidentally go to the wrong page, click "back" in the upper left corner, or ask the teacher for help. Do NOT fill in forms requesting personal information without permission from your teacher. Some sites allow you to "ask an expert" using e-mail. You are required to check with the teacher first. Do not download any files without permission from an adult. Ask permission before printing.

Last Update: January 1998