Kindness Cookies

The Sixth Graders baked cookies to share with the Food Pantry Volunteers and the rest of the fifth and sixth grade students.

Baking Cookies

Megan M.

I had lots of fun baking cookies for the food pantry volunteers. We mad a process where three people cut cookies, one person put the cookies on the try and two people put sprinkles on. After getting the cookies ready, we put them in the oven. When the cookies were done baking we set them out to cool off, after that we put them in a container to store them until it was time for the volunteers to come. When the volunteers came the fifth grade band played some pieces of music. After the band played the volunteers had cookies and punch, then it was time for us to try our cookies. They were great!!! We made good cookies and we had fun too.

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Danielle pours punch for the volunteers.

The students enjoyed chatting with the Food Pantry volunteers

Danielle, Erica, and Ryan spoke to the group

And one of the sixth graders will be putting a nice long essay here. We wonder who???