^ Jessica, Chad and Nichole made Valentines for the volunteers.

Making Valentines for Volunteers

Nichole L.

In the fifth grade class we made Valentines for the people that run the food pantry. We made all different kinds of Valentines. Some had ribbons around the outside. Some even had little things pop out of them. Jessica and I got to pass out the Valentines to the Volunteers at the party. I wish I could do that every year. I had a fun time helping Ms Chris set up the party. I like helping the needy and the volunteers that help the needy.

Kindness Party

Eleanor V

We had a party for all the people who help for the food pantry. We wanted to say thank you for helping. I played the clarinet. The first couple of songs I was really nervous and messed up a lot. But then I started to relax. I played the rest of the songs really well. After we finished, I got lots of compliments on my playing. I was grateful to the people who helped people who didn't have much money to buy food, and I was glad to make people happy.

^ Christopher, Kayla and Eleanor are a great team when it comes to art projects.

^ Ashley, Josh, and Ruth made interesting Valentines.

..As former first lady Rosalynn Carter says in the foreword to Kids' Random Acts of Kindness, "Simple acts of kindness are natural to children...But it is a quality that is fragile and easily crushed if not respected, nurtured and appreciated."

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Dear Miss Chris,

I liked passing out cards to the nice, kind, and lovely volunteers. They were very sweet. They had nice speeches about us. The speeches made us proud. I hope I can help and see them again. I have a speech I wish they could hear. It goes like this:

"I enjoy going to the food pantry to help the nice, kind and lovely volunteers. It is so nice of them to give away food, toys, clothes and stuff like that. Their speeches were so nice, I cried. I want to say Thank You to them, every single one of them."

Thank you, Miss Chris, for inviting the volunteers and us to the volunteer party. Thank you for giving me a ride to the food pantry to help and talk to the volunteers. They are very nice, kind, sweet and lovely.

Thank you,

Jessica R.

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