Our Trip To Japan

Christopher S

On Friday, February 6, 1998, the third graders went on an imaginary airplane trip to Japan. We went to see the Olympics. There was hockey, skiing, snowboarding, and skating. We wore our kimonos and ate Japanese food with chopsticks.


Nathan M. & Anne A.

Kimonos are very long and colorful robes with designs. The people that wear them live in Japan. The belt that's around the kimono is called an obi. Kimonos have different sizes, shapes and designs. In third grade we have been wearing kimonos.

See the pictures Mrs. Wendt sent


Michael C

The people of Japan are different from us in many ways. They speak a different language like sen-say is teacher and konichiwa is hello. They eat with chopsticks and the most popular food is rice. Japan is made of several islands in the Pacific Ocean. The houses look different than ours.

Yes, this is excellent food!

Can you believe anyone can learn to eat with chop sticks? It was not as easy as we thought. No wonder they are so thin.

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Here we listen and learn about Japan

Dressing up was fun, and we looked great. Kimonos are the same for boys and girls. Today Japanese children dress just like us in jeans and shirts.They only wear kimonos for special Japanese holidays.