Peace Makers

The final phase of the fourth grade Kindness Conflict Resolution Service Learning Project was to become Peacemakers for our younger children. They received special training prior to beginning this service and meet weekly with Ms. Chris, counselor, to evaluate how this project is going.

Both fourth grade classes are divided into teams which involve all students working together. On a rotating basis, the teams go out to recess on the playground with DK, Kdg, and 1st grade children. The Peacemakers act as special buddies and role models. They play with the children and help them resolve their conflicts. The youngsters eagerly await the arrival of the Peacemakers looking for new found friends. The only complaints aired at this point are "Oh my goodness that's a lot of hugs!" and "It's hard to keep up with the demands for piggy back rides."


"It is fun to be a Peacemaker because I like making a special friend like Orion. He's pretty cool to hang with. I think I can help him have fun and play safely on the playground." ...Mathew (with Orion)

"It is fun going out on the playground with the little kids because I like to play games with them. It helps me be a better person because I'm teaching kids how to solve problems." ...Brandon (with Paul and Josh)

"I like being a Peacemaker because I like to help little kids. If they get in trouble or get hurt the kids know the Peacemakers are always there to help." ...Leah (with Kayla, Meme, Ashley and Crystal)

"I like to help the little kids, it makes me feel good knowing the little kids count on us to help. We all have fun together." ...Cari (with Anja, Noel, Ashley, and Ryan)


"I like being a peacemaker because I like to play ball with the kids. I especially like to help the kids that speak Spanish because it is hard for them to understand everyone. I have a brother in kindergarten that I like to play with and help. Helping these kids makes me feel like a big brother to them all. I really like helping my people." ...Edgar

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