Danielle L: When I went to the Food Pantry, I felt good. It made me feel happy like I did something really good. If I get another chance to go I would gladly go. I had fun and I like helping. I feel sorry for some of the people who can't afford much food.

Erica R: I was happy to help. I felt sad for the people who couldn't afford that much food. I would like to help again. I really enjoy helping people in need.

Wow! Look at them work!

Ryan: I felt sorry for some of those kids because they weren't dressed in warm clothes. Otherwise I had lots of fun helping people.

Jade:The beautiful young ladies in the picture are at The Onekama Food Pantry helping the needy. Jade, MaryLynn and Sam packed all those apples. They also helped flatten a big pile of cardboard for recycling. When they were waiting for more stuff to do they got to eat as many cookies as they wanted!! Yum Yum! It was a fun day.

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