Dear Mr. and Mrs. Courneya,

I would like to say thanks for bringing Baby to show our class. I learned a lot about her. I especially liked holding her. It was funny when she kept jumping off of your arm and when she jumped off my arm to try to eat my desk! Thanks again. It was very cool.

Yours truly,

Kaylie Lynn M.

Thank you for bringing in baby. She is a very nice bird. I had a lot of fun watching and learning about her and her species. I like the way the feathers are on the head to make a crown when they are brought up. I also don't know that they had a bald spot under the feathers on their head. I wish you could bring her again. I would be very happy to see her.


Ashley D.

Dear Mr. and Mrs. Courneya,

Thank you for bringing Baby in to show us. It must have been hard to get it here and it was cool. Everyone appreciated the way you sacrificed your time and our school time. Thanks a lot,

Dan D.

Thank you for bringing your Cockatoo, Baby, to our school. We really enjoyed him. He is beautiful. I learned a lot of different things. It is really amazing that they can live up to 100 years. Anyway, I reall, really appreciated it. Thank you,

Danielle L.

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