Special Note: See 100 Points Team, and 50 Points Team photographs.

Mrs. Kahl's 2nd

100 Points

Jacqueline K --114

50 Points

Alyssa C --62

Carmen H --61

Brittany H --54

Jim K --65

Robert L --50

Ashley O --64

25 Points

Ryan F --41

Tyler G. --44

Logan G --27

Jamie H. --48

Artisha R --35

Max S --45

10 Points

Amanda F --18

Jerry R --17

Mary R --10

Updated June 17, 1998

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Mrs. Furton's 2nd

50 Points

Reid V --50

25 Points

Nicholas B --25.2

Anna G --28.9

Clyve L --35.8

Sara M --44.6

Zachary Y -- 28

10 Points

Kelsey A --19.6

Mara B --13.4

Sara E --20.6

David F. --10

Anna G --21

Brett J --18

Michael S --24.9

Justin Z -- 12

Updated May 20, 1998

We are glad to hear that the AR computer in Mrs. Furton's room has been fixed.

Mrs. Bentley's 3rd

100 Points

Katherine V --127

Tim V --105

Kelli W --115

Todd L--100

50 Points

Tayler F --56

Ryan H --65

25 Points

Zachery F --32

Nathan G --25

Thomas L --26

Jordan P --28

Justin S --46

Jake W --36

Kyle W --31

Nathan W --29

10 Points

Danielle F --21

Justin M --10

Evan M --16

Autumn M --20

Jesse S --23

Updated May 29, 1998

Mrs. Catanese's 3rd

50 Points

Trevor M --50

25 Points

Anne A --28

Marlee H --28

Amber J --31

Chelsie K --33

Travis M --29

Meghan N --44

Lance O --27

Nick S --35

10 Points

Michael C. --10

Haley D --14

Jared L --13

Nathan M --10

Christopher S --14

Kristin W --10

Updated May 29, 1998

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Arcadia School has used the Accelerated Reader Program for several years. We believe that students learn to read by reading. Accelerated Reader is a supplement to our regular reading program*. Students choose novels and non-fiction books to read. They may use classroom or school library books, they may use books from home, or they may find books at the local library. (They may want to check whether the book is one that has an AR Test.) They may read during silent reading time at school, and they are encouraged to read at home. When finished they take tests on the computer. Each classroom has a computer with the Accelerated Reader Program. The computer scores the test, plus it keeps a record of all the books the student has read . Reports on student progress are sent home at least once each card marking period. Over 2500 tests are available. Most are purchased on disk, but more than 400 have been written by Onekama and Arcadia Teachers. AR has been proven to be a valued addition to our reading program.

*Our reading/ language program is Houghton Mifflin. This program develops reading skills. The Accelerated Reader is used to encourage the reading of additional books.