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My Future is Bright
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Kelli Wins an Award

Band: We perform with Interlochen's Band /
Our first band concert /
Second Interlochen Event: A Woodwinds Workshop / Our second band concert

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It's Harry Potter Time
Book Bowl Information: Onekama ties for 1st place. Plus our team photographs

Harriet Quimby:
Learning about her childhood in our area

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HyperStudio: Here they are

Helping Others:
Teaching kids about Quimby
Helping Kdg Tie Dye
Tie Dying for Charity
Highway Clean-Up!
Red Ribbon Week / Cupcakes
Peacemakers / Food Pantry

S.S.Badger: Our trip

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Weather Reports for the Traverse City Area

September 1999 - June 2000

The Farm Bureau Visit
Solutions and Suspensions
Static Silliness
Circuit Cuties / NASA
M&M Graphers
Measuring / MEAP Lab / MEAP Tests

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Oregon Trail: On the Trail / Beads / Native Crafts / Pecos Bill Play

Net Gap: Preparing / Mr. Schimke / Mr. Mathieu

Quiz Bowl: Onekama Takes 2nd Place

Mrs. Eldridge teaches Language Arts, Computers, and Science,Weekly Schedule

Mr. Finan teaches Math and Social Studies, Weekly Schedule

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