NHS held their spring blood drive and were able to obtain 40 pints of blood.

Adam Hudson and Eric Rick cheer on Mr. Salyer as he donates his blood.

48 people showed up and attempted to give blood. A pint of blood can save 4 lives.

Casey O'Rorke Stedman gives Derrick Mathieu some moral support. Derrick joined the ranks of many first time givers today.

Emily Brown was really pumped up to give blood for the first time with some supportfrom Adam Werts and Tiffany Miller
President of NHS, Ed Bradford, takes the lead by giving his blood. Tessie Johnson and Nathan Harju are at his side.

Blood Drive 2000

Blood Drive 1999

Blood Drive 1998

It's a family affair, as Kayla Kelley registers her dad to become a blood donor.

Photographs by NHS advisor, Chris Wasserman

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