Ed Bradford, Adam Hudson, Adam Graham, Chris Hock, on hand at the NHS state convention to receive our third strait distinguished service award. The Onekama National Honor Society is becoming a dynasty. Only the Chicago Bulls have a record equal to ours.

The Award

Onekama National Honor Society representatives recently attended the NHS state convention in Frankenmuth where they received a third Distinguished Service Award. While their they made a presentation describing the project.

Saint Jude Children's Hospital has been designated next year's NHS State charity. Ms. Woolman has also expressed interest in repeating the Empty Bowl project. The Onekama NHS would like to solicit recommendations of needy organizations in our area to honor with our service efforts.

The Presentation

There, Ed, Adam, Adam and Chris presented our award winning service project, Sharing Hats, Hope and Healing. Approximately 150 NHS members from other schools attended our presentation. Many will model projects next year that reflect ours.

Art and soup, what a great combination, $800 was presented as a result of our NHS efforts.

Spring 2001

Becoming a SuperHuman

NHS representatives attended conference activities and other presentations. Here's Ed Bradford in his evolutionary progression to super human. Hard to believe he started out as an ameba just minutes before.

Andy Thibodeau was this year's conference speaker. His message was great to hear. His presentation style was superb. Onekama NHS advisors give him a high recommendation to speak in area high schools.

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