8th Grade Boys Basketball for Fall 2012
Coached by Al & Alissa Clarke

Date Opponent                 Games are at 6:15 unless otherwise indicated
Nov. 4 Home vs. KND The Portagers won their opening game against Rival Brethren.  Game Photos
Nov. 6 Home vs. MCC The Portagers won 50-28 with four boys in double digit.  Game Photos
Nov. 11 at Bear Lake The Portagers lost 39-36   Game Photos James Eno had 10, Jacob Mauntler 11, Jayden DeWitt 9, Jeremiah Torrey 3 and Nick Falk 2.
Nov. 13 at Brethren The Portagers lost 33-29   Game Photos Jacob Mauntler 11, Jayden and Jeremiah each had 7 and James Eno had 4.
Nov.18 Home vs. MCC The Portagers won 46-42. Report and Photos  8th grade only
Nov.20 Home vs. B.L. The Portagers lost 47-39  Lots of Game Photos
Nov. 21 Hoop Shoot We will run the Elks Hoop Shoot Thursday  Hoop Shoot Photos
Nov. 22 at Mesick The boys won 53-24. Jayden was high with 14; James had 11; Jackson 6; Nick, and Jeremiah 5; Junior, Jacob and Jared 4 each. Game Photos
Nov. 25 Home vs. MCE The Portagers lost a tough one to MCE 37-36   Bunches of Game Photos
Nov. 26 Home vs. Manistee The Portagers lost an exciting game 37-30. Jacob was high with 11; James and Nick had 6 each; Jeremiah 4; and Jayden 3.  Game photos
Dec. 2 at MCC 8th grade Portagers win at MCC  Game Photos
Dec. 4 at MAPS Onekama won 23 to 24!   What a game!!! Game Photos
Dec. 7
8th grade Tournament
8th Grade Tourney - Onekama High School Gym (7th in MS gym)
10:00a.m. - Game One = Brethren vs. MCC
Followed by Game Two = Bear Lake vs. Onekama
Following Game Two = Consolation Game (losers of games 1 and 2)
Following Consolation Game = Championship Game (winners of games 1 and 2)

2013 Team Photo by Lynn O'Connor

2 Jared Schultz
3 Jayden DeWitt
5 Jacob Mauntler

12 Junior Mauntler
21 Dillan Fauz
23 Jeremiah Torrey
34 James Eno
42 Nick Falk
44 Jackson Frank

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