7th Grade Boys Basketball for Fall 2013
Coached by Al & Alissa Clarke

Date Opponent

               Games are at 5:00 (unless otherwise indicated) followed by 8th at 6:15

Nov. 4 Home vs. KND The boys lost a close one. Game Photos
Nov. 6 Home vs. MCC  8th grade only as MCC has no 7th grade team
Nov. 11 at B.L. The boys lost at Bear Lake.  Game Photos
Nov. 13 at Brethren Game Photos

vs. MCC

8th grade only
Nov.20 vs. Bear Lake Portagers lost 21-13.  Game Photos
Nov. 21 Hoop Shoot We will run the Elks Hoop Shoot Thursday at 3:10p.m. Hoop Shoot Photos
Nov. 22 at Mesick The boys won at Mesick. Bradley had 8; Brendan and Trent 6;  Ben A. 5: Aric and Morley 4, Jared, Ben J.,  Rylan and Carson 2 each.
Nov. 25 Home vs. MCE In order to let the 7th grade team have more playing time, they will scrimmage following the 8th grade game.  Scrimmage Photos
Nov. 26 Home vs. MAPS The boys lost, but fought hard right to the end.  Game Photos
Dec. 4 at Manistee Manistee Public's 7th won 44-23. Game Photos
Dec. 5 Home vs. BL Great Game! Close, but Bear Lake won 20-18 Game Photos
Dec. 7
Home Tourney in Middle School Gym
Tournament Index page includes photos and results of all games
Additional Photos: 7th vs. Bear Lake / 7th vs. Brethren by Leslie Acton

NOTE:  Round-Robin play at the 7th grade level.  
Tie breaker:  Games won, total points scored

    1 Jared Buckner
    3 Ben Johnson
   11 Ben Acton
   13 Rylan Clarke
   15 Aric Hopwood
   20 Carson Hearit
   22 Trent Exo
   23 Jay Sturgeon
   30 Kyle Carter

    4 Gauge Wells
  24 Brendan Cook
  25 Morley Harnick
  40 Bradley Novack
  Coaches Al & Alissa Clarke

2013 Team Photo by Lynn O'Connor

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