Onekama Sports Boosters Provide Spirit Shirts

Wear your shirt to Onekama Sporting Events.

Show your Spirit!

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~Football-Middle School (Co-op with Bear Lake)
~Football -Varsity (Co-op with Bear Lake)
~Football - JV (Co-op with Bear Lake)
~Cross Country Varsity (Co-op with Bear Lake)
~Volleyball Middle School -8th grade
~Volleyball Middle School -7th grade
~Volleyball - Varsity
~Volleyball - JV
~Swim Team High School (Co-op with Manistee)

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~Onekama High School 2013-2014
~Onekama Middle School index
~All High School Sports at Onekama 2013-2014
~All Middle School Sports 2013-2014
~Photos by Kendra, Mrs. Brown, Mrs. Niederstadt,
  Mrs. Bennett and Ms. Lyman others Serving Onekama School since 1997