Middle School Student Council "Portager Pride Packs"

Portager Pride Packs are backpacks filled with food for people who do not have enough money to buy food. It was a really fun project to work on because it involves helping people and believe it or not I like helping people. We made money to fill the Portager Pride Packs by 50/50 raffles, profits from the dances, and we had food drives in individual classes. We would do 6th grade against 10th grade or something like that whichever class brought in more money would win. It was lots of fun and I think my favorite part was the 50/50 raffle at the basketball games. ~Amanda B.

The Portager pride packs was a great idea. No one is bringing food anymore so we got to try to get by. But its a fun thing to do. But overall I think  it was awesome. ~Carson H.

The idea on Portager pride packs is a fantastic idea. I just wish more people would bring more food to school to pack the bags. But after that it is great!
~Trent E.

              I've had a great experience with the "Portager Pride Packs". I think it's great that the middle school and high school are donating the nonperishable food to put in the packs too. it also encourages students to bring in the food if we have them competing for a prize every month. I hope that many families benefit from this project. ~Katie B.  6th Grade Representative This month the middle school student council elected to have all 1st hours/ homerooms participate in the food drive for Portager Pride Packs (backpacks filled with food & delivered to our school families).  Please remind your students to bring in food as it is very much needed to fill the backpacks :)  There will be a reward for the classroom who donates the most food!   Thank you! ~Mrs. Kolehmainen

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