5th Grade Basketball: Portagers vs. Lakers - 3/9/13

  Saturday March 9, 2013 we played 2 games we played Brethren first, but now we have to play the undefeated Bear Lake Lakers. We weren't tired from Brethren because we came out and scored 18 points in the first half! At halftime it was obviously 18-4 we were winning. We thought we only had to score a little bit more to secure the win, but that wasn't the case. Oh yeah we scored that little bit more, but they scored a lot and at the end of the third quarter it was 19-13 we were winning, but not by very much, but we pulled it out and won 26-19. It was a great game I scored 12 points, Luke scored 7, and Aaron scored 2 points. I can't wait to play MCC Tuesday. ~Taylor

Bear Lake was undefeated before. They were a hard team. The score was 26 to 19. We won the game. We played a good game.  ~Justin

We played a awesome game against Bear lake. Bear lake was undefeated but we won. it was a awesome game. ~Aaron

It was fun. I made both my shots. ~Matthew

Today we played both Bear Lake and  Brethren. We won both games. I had a lot of fun. ~Austin

We versed the Brethren bobcats on Saturday. We won 30 to 6. that was a fun game. I had a fun time. We won our second time against them. ~Cody

We won two games. One was against the Bear Lake Lakers. The score was 26-19. They were undefeated. We changed that Saturday. We had A blast. ~Cody

I was glad we won both games we did great  and the score for bear lake was 19 to 32. For  Brethren it was 30 to 6. We won in the end. ~Nickolas

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Jersey #  Fifth Grade Team
2  Cody Harnick
5  Justin Zielinski
11  Luke Mauntler
12 Taylor Bennett
21  Matthew Mallison
30 Travis Read
31  Nick Goss
32 Aaron Powers
35 Ian Weaver
40 Dalron Grey
43 Austin Harper