Onekama vs. MCE
5th Grade Basketball

The 5th grade boys got their second win for the season by defeating Mason County Eastern on Tuesday, March 3rd. The boys are becoming more confident in their abilities on the court. Every game is a learning opportunity, and the boys are really growing in the game of basketball each game they play. They continue to improve on passing the ball down the court, hustling, shooting, and rebounding. Keep up the hard work boys. ~Coach Bennett

We played MCE. The game was really good. We won the score was 29-17. They had 4th graders on their team. Our team played the best that game. I had a lot of fun. ~Lucas

We had a ball game last night against MCE and we won. We beat them by a lot. We played away.  I made the first shot. That that was cool to me. My team played well together. ~Cody

We had a game on Tuesday against MCE. I got a lot of rebounds. it was a long drive from my house to MCE. The score was 29-17. It was a great game. ~Aaron

It was fun. I made 4 points. The score was 29 to 17. It was fun. ~Matthew

March 5, 2013 my team played the Mason County Eastern Cardinals. We played great it was 16-5 at half time (we were winning). We came out of the locker room at the same pace and we won. The final score was 29-17. I had 10 points, Austin had 8, Matthew had 4, Luke had 3, and Cody and Justin each had 2 points. As you can see we played great as a team that night. Most of us scored and the ones who didn't played well in other areas. Hopefully we play that same way Thursday when we play Manistee. ~Taylor

Yesterday we played MCE. I shot a full court and a 3. I had a lot of fun. ~Austin

Yesterday we had a great game. We all played very well. We won! It was 17-29. We played MCE. I think this game was one of our best! ~Dalron

We faced MCE and the team played really good. We won 29-17. This was my first game because I  was sick. I really enjoy Basketball. ~Caden

Jersey #  Fifth Grade Team
2  Cody Harnick
5  Justin Zielinski
11  Luke Mauntler
12 Taylor Bennett
21  Matthew Mallison
30 Travis Read
31  Nick Goss
32 Aaron Powers
35 Ian Weaver
40 Dalron Grey
43 Austin Harper
41 Caden Johnson leads to all pages created since 1997.