Portagers vs. Bobcats

March 2, 2013 was my teams first win! We played really well. We played the Brethren Bobcats. I got to shoot my first free throws that game. I missed my first, but made my second. It ended 31-15 we WON!!! We played really well. I scored 11 points, Luke scored 10, and Cody and Aaron each had 2 points. I can't wait for our next game.
~Taylor Bennett

I knew my team's hard work would pay off. The boys got their first win against the Brethren Bobcats. Very exciting! They did an excellent job playing as a team. They made some great passes and took good shots. I'm very proud of them all! Way to go Portagers!
~Coach Bennett


Bobcats at Portagers

We played the Bobcats and we had our first WIN! The game was good I had 10 points, Taylor had 11 points, Austin had 6 points, Aaron and Cody had 2 points. The score was 31-15. ~Lucas Mauntler

We had an awesome basket ball game. We won! That was are first win of the season. I hope we can keep it up on Tuesday when we vs. MCE.
~Aaron Powers

Today we played Brethren and we won 30 to 27. i had a lot of fun. ~Austin Harper

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Jersey #  Fifth Grade Team
2  Cody Harnick
5  Justin Zielinski
11  Luke Mauntler
12 Taylor Bennett
21  Matthew Mallison
30 Travis Read
31  Nick Goss
32 Aaron Powers
35 Ian Weaver
40 Dalron Grey
43 Austin Harper