Yesterday we played Brethren again. we won. I had a lot of fun. ~Austin


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Bobcats vs. Portagers
  Thursday March 14, 2013 we played the Brethren Bobcats. We weren't doing very well in the beginning, but Luke got us fired up because right before halftime Luke threw the ball from like the free throw line on the other side of the court and it went in for a buzzer beater it was AWESOME!!! The halftime score was 7-14 we were losing. Then we came out and won 27-18. It was a great game Luke had 9 points, Cody had 6, Aaron and I had 4, and Matthew had 2 points. I can't wait for our next game (in the tournament) against Bear Lake.  ~Taylor
We had an awesome game last night. By half time we were losing but we came back with a bang. Luke even made a shot from about half court. I am really proud of my team! ~Dalron
The game was fun. Luke made half court shot. It was cool. I tried to make 3 shots and I made 1. They got better this time. The game was fun. ~Matthew We had a basketball game vs. the Brethern bobcats. We won 27 to 14. Luke made a half court and made it. We had a blast. We all played good. ~Cody


Last night we won against brethren. Just before halftime Luke shot the ball from behind the half court line and he made it. ~Travis


Ok, at my game number 11 threw it from the half court line and made it..
Yesterday we played Brethren. We won 27-18. And one of are team mates shot a full courter. Basketball is awesome.

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Jersey #  Fifth Grade Team
2  Cody Harnick
5  Justin Zielinski
11  Luke Mauntler
12 Taylor Bennett
21  Matthew Mallison
30 Travis Read
31  Nick Goss
32 Aaron Powers
35 Ian Weaver
40 Dalron Grey
43 Austin Harper
41 Caden Johnson

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