8th Grade
Chicago Trip

The class trip was very exciting and there where a lot of cool things we got to experience but I do feel it was a little rushed and we could have used another day and maybe would have been a Better idea if we did one museum and then shopping and the next day shopping then the museum. Over all, the class trip was fabulous! ~Ashley Elo

The Bean is in Millennium Park.  It's a shiny, mirrored piece of stainless steel artwork that is shaped like a bean.  When you can stand in front of it, it reflects the Chicago skyline and you.  It is actually named Cloud Gate, and was sculpted by British artist Anish Kapoor.
~Mrs. Bromley

On May 16 and 17 the 8th grade took a trip to the Windy City. We had a BLAST!!!! I liked it because we got to eat Chicago style pizza and see the city. My favorite part was the Museum of Science and Industry. There were many cool things there. You could spend hours in there. I also liked Navy Pier.  It was kinda cold though. I liked Chicago for many reasons. ~Kyle Peterson

I had a lot of fun on the class trip, my favorite part was going swimming at the hotel, I also really liked the Sheds Aquarium. We saw a dolphin show! We did a lot of other stuff and I wish we could of stayed longer, because there was so much other stuff to do there! I hope I can go to Chicago again soon.
~Kassidy Ward

I had a lot of fun on the trip to Chicago. We visited the Museum of Science and Industry, Shedd Aquarium, Millennium Park, Magnificent Mile, Navy Pier, and the John Hancock building. My favorite part was swimming in the pool at the hotel, but overall i loved everything. ~Austin Sovereign

For our 8th grade class trip we went to Chicago. It was really fun! We went to the Science and Industry Museum, the Shed Aquarium, and Millennium Park. Then we got pizza and went to the hotel. The next day we went to Miracle Mile and Navy Pier. Some of us even went on the John Hancock building. It was awesome! After Navy pier we left Chicago. Our trip was epic.  ~Jarrod B.

Our Chicago trip was so much fun! The first day we went to the Museum of Science and Industry, the Shedd Aquarium, Millennium Park, Gino's pizza, and we went swimming at the hotel. My favorite thing we did on the first day was the Shedd Aquarium. I loved all of the animals. I especially like the beluga whales. The best part of the aquarium was the show where a lot of animals did awesome tricks. The museum was also really cool. There was a lot of cool hands-on stuff. Millennium park was pretty cool too. When we went to Gino's, we were all starving. The pizza from there was so good! Then we went to our hotel and went swimming. I roomed with Kassie, Ashley, and Marilyn. The next morning we had to get up at 6! We left the hotel at 8 to go shopping on Michigan avenue. We left at 11:30 to go to Navy Pier. We were at Navy Pier until 2:30, and then we had to leave to go home. I had a great time in Chicago! ~Kiara

     I think my favorite middle school memory is the 8 grade class trip.  I had tons of fun in Chicago. The first day we went to the Science and Industry  Museum  and after that we went to the Shedd Aquarium. Later that day we went to Gino's and went swimming later. The next day we went shopping and to Navy Pier. I had really fun.   -Grace H.


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            On May 16th and 17th my 8th grade class and I went to Chicago. We rode in a charter bus, it took about 6 hours. Chicago is an hour behind us so we got a little confused with the time. On the first day we went to the Science and Industry Museum and the Shedd Aquarium. The museum was really cool, we got to make slime at one of the hands-on places. We also got to see lightning and got to go in a tornado simulator. At the aquarium we got to see a preview of a new animal show that they are doing. We also got to see lots of different animals like dolphins, beluga whales, and sea otters. When we left we went to Millennium Park, this was one of my favorite parts because I wanted to see The Bean. The fountains were also really cool. For dinner we went to Gino's East, we ate pizza, it was really good. We wrote our names and other stuff on the walls with white out and sharpies. They gave us chocolate chip cookies too. After that we drove to our hotel, which took about an hour. When we got there we went swimming. We swam till the pool closed at 10. Then we went back to our rooms, I roomed with Michele, Grace and McKayla. The next day we got up early and went back to the Magnificent Mile to go shopping. We got to shop for 2 hours, which we didn't think was enough time. We went to some stores on the street and then we went to the mall. After we finished shopping we went to Navy Pier. At Navy Pier we rode the Ferris wheel and went into the stores. We ate at a Chinese place. I didn't really like Navy Pier that much because it was too crowded and I would have rather been shopping on the Miracle Mile. We were there for 2 hours then we left for home. On the way home we stopped outside of Holland to eat. We all went to different places, but I went to McDonalds, it was funny because the cashier had red curly hair like Ronald McDonald. When we left we had about 3 hours to go. I was really tired when I got home. I had so much fun on the trip and I hope we can do another trip like this as a class. ~Lauryn

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Photos by Jen Bromley
 & Amy DeLeon

May 2013

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