Competing in math 

Mathcounts competition draws 250 students to WSCC campus: 8 from Onekama Middle School!

by Ken Grabowski, Manistee News Advocate

SCOTTVILLE — The West Shore Community College gymnasium was filled with young, energetic faces on Wednesday ready to compete in the Mathcounts competition.

For the past 29 years this competition has pitted some of the best young middle school minds from the college district in a competition that challenges their math skills. The annual event is sponsored by engineers of Manistee and Mason counties and runs in conjunction with Mason-Lake, Oceana and Manistee intermediate school districts.

“There are over 250 kids who registered for the competition today,” said Mason-Lake, Oceania ISD’s Kathy Surd. “They came from four different counties including Manistee, Mason, Oceana and Lake.”

Students from Manistee Area Public, Manistee Catholic, Bear Lake, Ludington, Ludington Catholic, Covenant Christian, Oceana Christian, Mason County Central, Mason County Eastern, Hart Pentwater, Baldwin, New Era Christian, Walkerville and Shelby.”

Surd said all of those students get to participate in three rounds during the competition. When they complete those rounds the top 10 students on the day move on to the final round.

“All the kids take part in those first three rounds of math problems that consist of a sprint round, a target round and team round,” said Surd. “The final round is the countdown that takes place in a break-out session away from the rest of the students.”

Surd said that the event wouldn’t be possible without the generous cooperation from the local engineers from this area. She said they essentially handle the entire testing process.

“The engineers are incredible as they design all the tests, coordinate the scoring and really run the entire event,” said Surd. “The Mason-Lake, Oceana and Manistee ISDs help to coordinate the teams and send out the information to the schools and arrange for them to be here today.”

Engineers who have worked on the Mathcounts committee are Nordlund and Associates, Inc. West Michigan Testing, OxyChem and Harsco Track Technologies. Awards and prizes that went out to the students for the event were purchased by Harsco Track Technologies.

Onekama Middle School students Lauryn Johnson and Grace Hughes concentrate as they take part in the 29th Annual Mathcounts competition that was held Wednesday at West Shore Community College.  (Ken Grabowski/News Advocate)

Surd also praised the efforts of West Shore Community College and the role they have played in the event for many years. Their central location makes it a perfect spot to host the Mathcounts competition every year.

“I really have to give big kudos to West Shore Community College,” said Surd. “They provide a free scholarship to all the students who participate. They will get a scholarship for Calculus I, or higher math classes at the college. They can hold on to it until they are ready to attend college.”

Team 1

Jarrod Berard
Brandin Cromwell
Austin Sovereign
Kyle Peterson

Plus Mrs. Warman

Team 2

Kiara Bromley
Lauren Johnson
Alyssan Clarke
Grace Hughes

plus Mrs Warman

Team 2

Getting ready to activate brain power

Mrs. Warman and Mrs. Blevins must grade the papers during each round.

Math Teachers, Mrs. Warman and Mrs. Blevin, accompanied the team to the competition.

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