Onekama's 5th & 6th Grade Cheerleaders Brighten the Game

Showing their Spirit

The Onekama Consolidated Schools’ gymnasium is a very lively place to be during fifth and sixth grade basketball games. This is due in part to the enthusiasm provided by this year’s squad of cheerleaders.

A total of 16 girls have signed up for fifth and sixth grade cheerleading this school year. As they motivate their team and fire up the crowd, they are demonstrating school spirit in its finest form.

Coaches Connie Eno and Lisa Morley have been thrilled by the girls’ dedication and zeal. “The girls only had four practices before they began cheering at the games, and they are doing a fantastic job. It is amazing how fast they pick it up and how hard they are willing to work to get it right,” said Morley.

“We are especially grateful to the Onekama Athletic Boosters,” added Morley. “The Boosters bought the custom uniforms three years ago. They were designed and sized specifically for this age group, because in the past we used oversized old uniforms passed down from the high school.”

“Cheerleading is great and I have a lot of fun,” commented fifth grade cheerleader Carlee Pepera. “I can't wait for the next game. Cheerleading is awesome!” It is exactly that degree of school spirit that has made this squad such a success.
If you pass by the Onekama gymnasium this Spring and hear one giant chorus of “O-N-E-K-A-M-A, Onekama!” ringing through the building, it might just be coming from sixteen young women who are working hard to support their friends, and their school.

Last night the boys had a game and I was a cheerleader. We won 43 to 2. They were versing Bear Lake. It was a really great game.    ~Rosa N.

Cheerleading is so fun I love it. The first cheer we did was rowdie. Rowdie is my favorite cheer. When there is a time out we usually go out in front of the bleachers and do a cheer. We did so many fun cheers. The boys WON 43-2. At the end all the cheerleaders and the 6th grade boys lined up at the locker room door and high fived them when they came in.      ~Jaylen

  Being a Cheerleader
  is  awesome. The
  Cheer that I like the
  most is Roweid.
  ~Katelynn F.

Cheerleading is so much fun. Our first time doing our cheers were kind of embaressing!! I love cheerleading!! When we came out to cheer "If you want to win to night all you have to do is say fight" we totally messed that up.  ~Sydnee Last night there was a 5th grade boys basketball game. It was Onekama vs. Brethren. Onekama won the basketball game. I was a cheerleader during the game for Onekama. It was great. I hope to do cheerleading next year.  ~Zoe

Last night the fifth grade boys had a basketball game. I was one of many cheerleaders on our team. We were veresing Brethren. Last time we played them we won by a lot. We had to wear white shoes with a skirt and top. It was fun cheerleading. We ended up winning 2-41. I was so happy. ~McKenzie

The first game we went to was when the Portagers versed Brethern. We won it was 43 to 12 it was really fun to chear for them. The first cheer we did was i think R-o-w-d-i-e it was really fun. I cant wait for the next game witch is on friday and saturday.  ~Allison B.

Cheerleading was great! I had a lot of fun. I can't wait for the next game. I thought the cheers were fun. I thought it was nice of you to take my picture when I posed. I thought it was funny that we messed up when we spelled Onekama wrong!! Every one went what? that's not how you spell it. I had a great time. Cheerleading is awesome!!!
~Carlee P.

In cheerleading its fun. we learned all kinds of cheers like rowdie, fire up, rebound, and get that ball. It's a lot of fun!!! oh and we went to our first game. it was 43 to 2. it was so awsome then all of the cheerleaders went by the boys locker room and made a tunnel for the boys to go thru. ~Kaylynn R.

Hi, cheerleading is fun we won 43 to 2 it was a good game. When there is a timeout we run in the court and we will side some thing like GO BLUE GO GOLD. Some times people get carried away with some cheers and messup on the cheers. The people from the cheerleading sqoud are Carlee, Sydnee, Katylyn, Rosa, Janlyn, Aillson, Chastiy, Emilee.  ~Ashton H. Serving Onekama School since 1997