Fifth Grade

We had a fun game on Monday. At half time we were winning by a lot! The bobcats had 2 points and we had about 20 points! We were winning big time. At the end of our game we won 43 to 2! We won by a lot! We had a fun time at our game. ~Nicholas F.


We had a game last night against Brethren. We had our game at home. We beat Brethren the last time we played, and we beat them last night! We had 41 and they had 2. I made a lot of points. My friend almost made a buserd beater. I love basketball!  ~Jacob M.

Onekama vs. Brethren

  #2  Jared S. - 3 points
  #4  Ethan B.  - 4 points
  #5  Jacob M. -4 points
  #10 Jeremiah T. -8 points
  #34 James E.     -12  points
  #42 Nicholas F.  -12 points

 Last night we played brethren and we beat them by a lot. the ending score was 43 to 2 and we totally crushed them. at the end i felt kinda bad for them.  me and Jacob Mauntler even cheered when they made the only points that they made! Plus it was the first night for our cheer leaders so i guess that was cool. ~Jeremiah T. My game last was against Brethren. Last time we played Brethren we won 32-4. The game last night was 41-2. We won! I got a lot of rebounds. My mom is the coach for the cheerleading team so the cheerleaders came and cheered. I had fun that game and before the game even started jeremiah said we would beat them by 40 and we did. After the game my parents and everybody else said good job and i went home. ~James E.

0n Monday we played Brethren. I'm so surprised we beet them 43 to 2. I had so much fun and Jared made his first basket. jared made more then me. I had fun.  ~Ethan B

I am so glad im in basketball. it so much fun i am going to play basketball all my years. Its fun. ~Ethan B.

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