8th Grade
Class Trip

May 2011

Cedar Point/Kalahari Trip Thoughts
by Kayla Feil

The Class of 2015 Trip was amazing! We went to the Toledo Zoo, Kalahari Resort, and Cedar Point. The Toledo Zoo is HUGE; we couldn't see the whole entire zoo in two hours. The Kalahari is amazing and is filled with tons of water sides. My favorite was the 'toilet bowl' one or the orange rollercoaster slide. We spent the night there and went to Cedar Point. I'm not much of a rollercoaster person, but Cedar Point was awesome and filled with a wide variety of different rides. My favorite was Wild Cat, Witch's Wheel or Iron Dragon. Whenever I think back to Cedar Point, I always think of me and Alexis laughing on the Witch's Wheel. It was great, i have many new memories and I have never had so much fun with my class. (:

Dear Mrs. Eldridge,
The 8th Grade class of 2011 has visited Ohio state of late. We went to the Toledo Zoo, the Kalahari, and Cedar Point. Spending time with my classmates in a non-stressful environment has been an interesting experience. I believe that this has helped our class comprehend the severity of our actions an words. It was so fun to be able to ride roller coasters and water slides and to see tons of foreign animals that we would otherwise never get to see here in Michigan. My favorite roller coaster was the Cork Screw because you went upside down and in circles. I just wish it was a little longer and more thrilling. I do not regret, in any form of the word, going to Ohio with my 8th grade class.
-Jacinda Misico

   The trip was really awesome, and I had a lot of fun. If I had a choice to do it all over again I would.
   The drive down to the Toledo zoo didn't seem as long as it sounded. It was actually really fun after everyone was fully awake. Our bus was pretty sweet too.
   Once we got to the Toledo Zoo, we got to see many animals, and I got to see a Giraffe which was awesome because I love Giraffes. Then we ate lunch at the Zoo and left for the Kalahari.
   It didn't take us that long to reach the Kalahari. We were all pretty excited and anxious to get there. Once we got there we had to walk all the way to the elevators and ride up to the 6th floor where we finally got our rooms. They were pretty sweet, also. Then we headed to the waterpark. My favorite ride at the water park was this orange ride, I can't remember the name of it, but it was really fun. I was tired at the end of that day.
   The next morning we ate at McDonalds and left for CEDAR POINT! Cedar Point was awesome. I went on pretty much all the main big rides besides Top Thrill Dragster, but I'm going on that next year hopefully. I got really sunburnt from Cedar Point, but it was worth it.
   So that was the 8th Grade Class Trip, and it was AWESOME.  ~Gerald Eipperle

Ok, we left at 5:00 in the morning, which is a bit tooo early for me. But the excitement of the whole thing got me motivated. It started out a long, boring, 6-hour bus ride. I was very happy to get off the bus when we got to the Toledo zoo, which was our first stop. We saw all kinds of animals, from seals and polar bears, to giraffes, rhinos, elephants, and gorillas, and just about everything in between. It was pretty cool. While at the suveneir shop, i saw a stuffed animal chinchilla and fell in love with it. I bought it and named it Kiki. Anyway, after we all grouped together again, we set off for the Kalahari water park resort. Which is said to be the largest indoor waterpark in America. it was pretty big. we ended up on the sixth floor, it was a heck of a long walk, but the view we had from our hotel room balcony was well worth it. First thing we did was get all our stuff in our room. then we changed into our swimsuits and headed down to the waterpark. it was HUGE! there was a wavepool, cafe, sitting area, and dozens of water slides. I wanted to go on them but the rest of my group was not fond of rides. So i found my friend, Kayla and we went on them together. Then, i decided to go play in the arcade. HOWEVER, i was the only one in the group without a room key! so i went back and forth from the room, trying to find my group mates. Eventually, we found each other and all was well. After I played in the arcade for a while, It was lights out. The next day was Cedar Point. I was with the same group I had the day before. I was having a blast going on every ride I could. Eventually, my group mates had enough and decided to tour the shops instead, I was still hoping to ride some more roller coasters. I really wish I had been with a different group...but other than that, this was a great trip. ~Katie H.

Our class trip was very fun!! I really want to have a senior class trip i had so much fun. I love the Kahlahari, but i think that cedar point was the most fun because i love rollar coasters! I think that the best rollar coaster in the park was the Maverick even though the Melinum Force was a really awesome ride, the mantis was really awesome but the maverick had a lot more twists and turns. And with all the flips and turns the top speed was 70 MPH!! WOW!! This rollar coaster was the best ride in the United states in 2007. I think it was one of the best rides in the park when we were there though, we didn't have enough time to go the the Top Thrill dragster that went 124 MPH the wait on that rollar coaster was way to long. We probably could have gone on two regular good rollar coasters when we could have went on that one once. So i hope we can have some more fun if we go on a senior class trip!! ~ Andrew Clarke

My most favorite time on the class trip for class of 2015 would be the Kalahari resort. The waterpark was really fun. I enjoyed the wave pool, when you were in the wave pool after a while a buzzer would go off and waves would start up in the pool. As me and my group mates were getting out of the pool we walked over towards the lazy river and as i went to get a tube i slipped and fell on my right hip. I'm okay though. Me and my group got in the lazy river and our second time around half way Jerett and Jordan came around and scared me and kept going. Later that day was bed time i was to hyper to sleep but i did any way and had a lot of fun with my class got some suveniers while we were all there.  ~Grace R.

Dear Mrs. Eldridge,
Our class recently took a trip to Ohio. We went to the Toledo Zoo, The Kalahari waterpark, and Cedar Point. The trip was AMAZING. We went t the zoo first. We got to see elephants, birds, polar bears, reptiles, monkeys, and many other animals. Then we went on our super sweet bus to the Kalahari. The Kalahari was awesome! There we several water slides and a ropes course outside. My favorite waterslides were the Zip Coaster, a water rollercoaster, and the Swahili Swirl, a toilet bowl. We stayed the night at the Kalahari and drove to Cedar Point in the morning. We spent the rest of the day at Cedar Point. Cedar Pont was so much fun! We went on roller coasters and rides that took you upside down! Aside from getting super sunburned, I had a blast! --Louise Barnard

The trip was real awesome. The zoo was cool, there were a lot of cool animals and some birds that you could get within inches of which was sweet. The Kalahari was the greatest hotel i'll probably ever go to. there were a lot of rides and lots of games in the arcade. they had some really good pizza there to. Cedar Point was the best part there were a lot of good roller coasters and fun games there too. Maverick was by far the best one there since it went 57 mph straight down at one part. it was a great trip overall and everyone had a great time. ~Jarett

The eighth grade class was a lot of fun. We left at 5:30 am, and I thought the bus ride was a lot of fun. I mostly listened to music along the way. When we reached the Kalahari, I went right to the water park. I loved going down water slides. The wavepool needed to have bigger waves. The food there was really good. Then I went around the building to look around. We had to be in our room at 10 'o clock. In the morning we left for Mcdonalds for breakfast. I ate too much there, and my stomach got upset. Cedar point was a lot of fun. I got lost very easily, and the temperature was very high. After Cedar point we got on the bus and left. After a few hours of driving we stopped for dinner. Then we left for home.  ~Devin

The class trip was some what fun the bus was boaring and so was the zoo. The reason the zoo was boaring is because it is stupid how they keep the animals from their habitats. the Kalahairy was very fun their was a lot of other schools there and a lot of girls that was probably one of the best parts of the water park. the waterslides were pretty fun there was really cool one that was like a roller coaster. there was also one that was like a toilet bowl you went round and round then slipped down a big hole that shot you down to the end. i did fall off the biggest water slide that was there. it was really funny and even cool. then that night you don't even want to know about that night. we stayed up untill 4:00 in the morning and had to wake up at 7:00 in the morning. that was a fun night with the pizza and pop. when we woke up we got on the bus to go to cedar point. cedarpoint was the coolest. all of the roller coasters that we went on were awesome. the best one was melenium force with the 200 foot drop. it was scetchy but really fun. we got to buy a lot and see a lot but i only bought one thing from ceder point the coolest sun glasses in the class. Russell was kind of mad cause my sun glasses are always better than his but he got over it quick. ~Jordan Coe

The trip was wonderful!!! I had soo much fun, and matter a fact I rode my very first Roller Coaster there at Cedar Point. I rode the Dragster first (the scariest ride that there is in Cedar Point) I just know that I had tons of fun there and well a little sun burnt too! I loved Cedar Point so much and i was glad that we choose to go there in stead of going to chicago. But i'm sure that that would of been tons of fun too! But anyways the Kalaharie was amazing i loved the hotel room and the balcony that came with it! in the kalaharie it was soo pretty I went in to the wave pool first so that I could get used to the water and I tried to go in the hot tub...come to find out though you have to be 21 and over to be in it! So we got yelled at and had to get out. The zoo was really nice too! I saw some animals there that were pretty interesting!!!! and got some pretty nice shots with my camera one of them looked like it came from the front of an post card! Yeah so I really liked the trip and I had lots of fun on it!  ~Daniella Solis

Our class trip to Ohio was a lot of fun. The ride there seem as if it took forever! But with all my friends there i had a good time. when we got into Ohio i couldn't really tell we were in Ohio but we were. The zoo was pretty cool, the polar bears were my favorite part! The Kalahari water park was awesome i loved the big blue slide that went dark as you slid down, and surprise twist and turns. But the place i was most happy to be at we cedar point, it was my first time riding a rollercoaster and it was the Top thrill dragster. The worst part about the ride was waiting to go up, but the best part was the way up! I had a great time.  ~Kelsee Cebula

The trip was really fun except for the bus ride. I wish we had more time at the zoo because we didn't get to see all of the animals. After the zoo we went to the Kalahri waterpark. The waterpark was kinda boring, there weren't that many rides. The was a huge arcade at the Kalahri. The next day we went to Cedar Point which was AMAZING. When we first got there everyone was really excited to ride rides. The best two rides were Maverick and Top Thill Dragster. The Top Thill Dragster was the first ride we went on and it went up to 125 mph. Cedar Point was a lot of fun except for waiting in line to ride the rides. ~Kayla Kosiboski

The trip was fun. I didn't like the bus ride down there it was 6 hours to the Toledo zoo and 8 hours to the Kalahari and Cedarpoint. The whole trip was fun but the thing i liked the most was Cedar point just didn't like waiting in line for a long time. The longest i waited in line was for the top thrill dragster and that was 1 and half hours. The first thing we did is went to the Toledo zoo we only had 2 hours there. I wish we would of had more time there because we couldn't see all the animals. After we left the zoo we drove 2 hours to the Kalahari and it was fun but not a lot to do there but there was an arcade and me and Hailey, tawny and Kayla won 1200 tickets and got candy and a giant slinckys. We had to get up early like 7 and then we were off again and then we ate breakfast at Mcdonalds and cedar point was 10 miles away. When everybody got there they were excited and scared. The two best rides i liked were the maverick and the top thrill dragster. ~Taylor Mallison

The class trip was awesome. The bus ride down to Ohio was boring, considering the fact that everyone was crabby and tired. But once we got to the Toledo Zoo everyone was wide awake and ready to have fun. I saw a lot of animals. Then we got back onto the bus and drove a few hours to the Kalahari!! The Kalahari was a lot of fun, there were so many waterslides and things to do. Cedar Point was crazy. The first ride i went on was the Top Thrill Draggster. It was breath- taking. I was so scared while waiting in line. Caitlin and I waited at least an hour to get in the front seat. It was SO worth it. The class trip to Ohio was a lot of fun, i would SOOOO go again. The bus ride back was okay, lawrence passed out, and that was unexpected and very scary for all of us. But he's okay, and that's all that matters! ~Kaylor

The trip was a lot of fun. I like mostly all the rides. I only road on the bigger one and I was not scared at all. When I was waiting in line I seen this guy sing out loud and people where video taping him and everyone thought he was really good. He was singing rap rock and he was really good. On the bus ride back Tawny fell asleep and Mrs.K started drawing on her legs when Tawny woke up she did not even notice the writing on her legs. I got a pen from Mrs. K and I got her back by drawing all over her legs. Her leg was covered into ink.  ~Hailey



The bus trip. It was fun because everyone was arguing. Because we couldn't stand each other for more than 2 days. And I sat by every girl in the bus. I got a sunburn and people are making fun of me. The zoo was boring, just like any other zoo. Kalahari was awesome. There were a lot of girls! yeah. I went on all the water slides. The hotel was a lot of fun because we didn't go to bed until like 3 or 4. We had balcony partners (Jordan, Jon, Jarett). We talked to them for like 5 minutes. One thing I hated about Cedar Point was that I didn't get to choose any rides to get to go on except for one, the Power Tower with Jordan. It was fun. I didn't get to ride Top Thrill Dragster. The Mantis was awesome too. They were all fun. The bus ride home was very interesting.  ~Russell Smith

Our class trip was very fun. We got to go to the Toledo Zoo, Cedar Point, and the Kalahri. My favorite part of the class trip was the Kalahri. I say that because we got to go on all the rides and they were amazing. While we were in Cedar Point I went on the Cork Screw with Jacinda and we had a ton of fun. But, towards the end we had to run around the entire park just to find a sweat shirt that fit Louise, but when we found one we sprinted all the way to the bus. We definitaly had a work out while we were on our trip :P. I hope we can do it again. :) ~Alexis Tribfelner

On may 19th 2011 the 8th grade went to cedar point and the Kalahari resort we also went to the Toledo zoo. cedar point was the best my favorite ride was the mantis or the millenium force. i was with Jordan and Russell the whole time. after we played a few games we went shopping we went to like four different shops looking for sunglasses. the ride back was fun we watched movies ate food and just had a EPIC time. i hope the next round of 8th graders goes cuz it was FUN! ;) ~Elijah Hayes

It was AWESOME!!!!  ~Hanah Gilbert

The trip was fun. I didn't like the bus ride down there it was 6 hours to the Toledo zoo and 8 hours to the Kalahari and cedar point. The whole trip was fun but the thing i liked the most was Cedar point just didn't like waiting in line for a long time. The longest i waited in line was for the top thrill dragster and that was 1 and half hours. The first thing we did is went to the Toldeo zoo we only had 2 hours there. I wish we would of had more time there because we couldn't see all the animals. After we left the zoo we drove 2 hours to the Kalahari and it was fun but not a lot to do there but there was an arcade and me and Hailey, tawny and Kayla won 1200 tickets and got candy and a giant slinckys. We had to get up early like 7 and then we were off again and then we ate breakfast at Mcdonalds and cedar point was 10 miles away. When everybody got there they were excited and scared. The two best rides i liked were the maverick and the top thrill dragster. ~Dani Renwick

The trip was fun, the kalhari was fun to because they had a lot of water rides, cedar point was fun to because it had roller coasters and the telendo zoo was fun to see all of the animals there and i did not like the bus ride because it was to long and we had to get up early in the morning to get on the bus. Some of the gift shops where cool and the game room was fun and the hotel room. The wave pool was fun but it was salty tasting. I wish we stayed at the zoo little bit longer to see all of the animals, because we only got 2 hours to just see animals and i wish we could of stay longer. ~Tawny Kott

I thought the trip was pretty awesome for the most part. The bus ride their was pretty pathetic considering pretty much everybody was asleep and tired. We went to the zoo and saw things like giraffes, elephants, polar bears, fish, and a bunch of other things. Then took the two hour drive to Kalahari. It took forever to get to our rooms because the place was massive. We got to our rooms, changed, and went out. We swam for a long time and all that stuff and later we got a 14 inch pizza that we shared with a bunch of people. Later we went back to our rooms and listened to music and played cards. When we all got into our rooms, our group sat out on the balcony and just hung out. Gerald and I drew pictures and tried writing songs until we decided to go to bed at like one o'clock I think. Then we got up, went to McDonalds (where I ate way too much food), and went to Cedar Point. This was my first time on a real rollercoaster and It was great. I had a really good time on this trip.  ~Tucker Laws

I had a lot of fun on our class trip!! i saw alot of things i have never seen before: like polar bears, tigers, elephant, penguins, and even a gorilla!!! There was more but too many to name. at the water park i had a really great time going on the water slide and the hotel was awesome!! at cedar point i loved the Top thrill dragster, Millinium Force, Wicked Twister, and the Power tower mostly because there the only ones i went on because we there for 6 hours and waits take FOREVER! Other than that i had an awesome time!! Kelsey Heiler

 The class trip was super fun. Firs we went to the Toledo Zoo. We were in the s for five or six hours. It was the longest bus ride I have ever been on. We weren't at the zoo too long and then we had to leave. We had to get back on the bus for another two hours and head to the Kalahari water park. The Kalahari was super fun. The next morning we went to Cedar Point. Cedar Point was amazing. The first ride we went on was the Topthrill Dragster. It was the best ride I have ever been on!! Another ride I really enjoyed was the Magnum. While at Cedar Point I bought these really awesome suglasses. We were there for about six hours. Then we had to get on the us to drive for what seemed like forever. Over all going to Cedar Point was the best class trip EVER!!!!  ~Janique Berard

The class trip was fun. We rode a lot of the rides. When we stayed at the Kahlahari I bunked with Jarett and Jordan. At the Kahlahari we went to the water park. When we were at the water park me, Jordan, and Jarett rode on the wave rider. that was really fun. It was really fun on our 8th grade class trip. ~Jon Eno

The class trip was very fun. We went to the Toledo Zoo, the Kalahari and Cedar Point. All of the places were fun but Cedar Point was the best. The whole trip was amazing though. The only bad part of the trip was the long bus ride and getting up so early in the morning. Overall I had a great time and I wish I could do it all again. ~Megan Schneider

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