Undefeated in 2009

Yes, we won all of our games!!! So we are officially UN-DEFEATED for the whole season!!! I hope that everyone on the team is playing next year. Even my mom said that next year if all the girls play we should have a pretty good team. But anyway, the score at MCC was 16-8. I almost made a free throw too! And at the end of the game our coaches got pretty surprised when Grace handed Mrs. Bennett and Mrs. Bromley flowers. After the game all the girls went back to the locker game and screamed their heads off! (Really they SCREAMED) ~ From Alexis #10

On 11-19-09 we had a game. We played MCC again. I played in two quarters. One of the girls on the other team fell and got heart. I felt bad for her. This was our last game. AT half time the score was six to six. AT the end the score was 16 to eight. ~Kassie


On November 19 2009, we played MCC. We won. The score was 16 to 8. It was the last game for the season. So for the whole season we are undefeated. Mckayla H. and Makayla S. played three quarters. I was sad that I could not play basketball, but maybe next year I can play. ~Michele #43

The game was awesome. We won the game. The score was 16-8.We won by eight points. We are undefeated for the season. It was an awesome season this year. ~McKayla

      5th grade girls basketball season was great. We beat every one that we played.  Our team had eight games in all. I made a lot of steels. Kassidy made lots of points in the game. We won to six-teen to eight. I'm glad our team did a wonderful season. ~Taler b. #2

Yesterday I had a basketball game. We won. We are undefeated for the season. The score was 16-8.I am sad that the season is over. I had so much fun this season. ~Makayla

Ya! We are undefeated through out of all of our season. We played MCC. We won! It was 16-8. I hate that our basketball season is already over. I had so much fun this basketball season! ~Kassidy

Last night the Onekama 5th grade girls basketball team played MCC. We beat them 16 to 8. It was so much fun! I played in two quarters. It was the last game of the season. We were undefeated for the whole season! I'm going to miss playing basketball. Basketball is so awesome! ~Kiara

What a great season!  I am so proud of our fifth grade team! ~Coach Bromley

The Undefeated  5th Grade Team!

Front Row: Michele, Taler, Kiara, Lauryn, Grace, Kassidy
Back Row: Kassie, McKayla, Alexis, Makayla

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