7th Grade Girls
Win 45-6

It was a great start to the 2010 7th grade girls basketball season. Hailey Kott led with 21 points. Caitlin Zielinski scored 8 and Tawny Kott had 6. Hanah Gilbert and Kayla Kosiboski contributed 4 each. Alexis Tribfelner had 2 points.

Last night at the 7th grade girls basketball game the score was 45-6. We had a lot of fun and were very aggressive. I made one basket but I am very proud of it. I also had a lot of fun when I dived for the ball and hit my funny bone on the court.     ~ALEXIS

We played MCC.  I shot a half court shot and I was very happy that I swished It. The team did good last night.  Our team won the game. I had a couple lay-ups and I missed 2 but I put it back up. When I shot the half court shot the crowd was very happy and they kept saying who shot that half court shot? My classmates where taking about the game last night. ~Hailey

Last night we played MCC. We won and  the score was 45-6. Hailey Kott scored a half court shot and she made it. MCC  missed a lot of the shots.

WE ARE REALLY HAPPY THAT WE WON. Everyone in first hour got to see the picture from last night. We played really hard last night. Our coaches were really happy that we won.  ~Natasha

I'm sorry, i wasn't at the game last night because i was sick. I think it was stress from getting chocolate milk poured on me twice and the combonation of chicken nuggets and and orange. I wasn't there but i heard that the team did some major playing. 45-6! WOW! i'm sure everyone was awesome. i'll be sure to go to the next game! -Katie Harrison   

Yes, very good game girls!  Keep it up! ~Mrs. Bennett

Last night we played MCC. And we w0n the game. The score was 45-6. I didn’t score anything but i hope at the next game i score some points. I like that picture of Natasha trying to eat the ball. And when Hailey made that 3 pointer, it made Mr. Kott cry. I think that MCC did good.  -Dani Renwick
Go Portagers!

We played MCC.  We were so happy when we won the basketball game. When I saw the other team I hoped we where going to win. MCC was okay at basketball and number 23 was real good. We played awesome and the coaches from the other team where nice when they got there. It was not our fault that we beat them. ~Tawny 

Hailey made a half court shot at half time. Everyone in the crowd stood up and screamed. It was awesome. the score was 45-6.   


We won 45-6

We played MCC. We won. Hailey Kott made a half court shot. The score was 45 to 6. ~Caitlin


Last night the 7th grade girls had their first basketball game. It turned out to be really fun and we ended up winning. The score was 45-6.  ~Megan

Our game was the bestest game ever. Hailey Kott made a half court shot right on the buzzer. Everybody was so exciteded. The score was 45-6.

Thank you, Mr. Neph, for giving your 1st hour class a chance to e-mail about the game. It was a great game to play, watch, and phtograph. ~Mrs. Eldridge

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