7th Grade Girls Continue
Winning Season

Onekama's 7th Grade Portagers made an excellent start to the WMD tournament with a win against Brethren. Caitlin Zielinski and Kayla Kosiboski were high scorers with 9 points each. Hanah Gilbert contributed 8 points Hailey and Tawny Kott each had 6, Alexis Tribfelner and Taylor Mallison came away with 4 points each, while Megan Schneider  and Danielle Renwick each had 2.

We had a basketball game against Brethren. We ended up doing really good and winning. Since we won this game we move on to tournaments. ~Megan

We did good at the game. Brethren did a lot better than the last time we played them. We won 50-7. ~CAITLIN

We won 50-7. We did really great!! ~Hanah

Yesterday we played brethren and we won. All the girls on the basketball team are really sore. All of the girls on the basketball team had fun last night!!! It was a really awesome game!!! The score was 50-7. ~Natasha

Our 7th grade team won against Brethern and the score was 50-7. In the first quarter our 5 starters were diving on the floor. ~Hailey

The Game on Tuesday was lots of fun. We won the game 54-7. Brethren was a really fun team to play. I think we did really well with trying out our new plays we learned and everything.


We won last night 50-7.  We were getting tripped and everybody was getting hurt. When we were stealing it from half court and when we were doing it a lot the other coach called a time out. We missed some lay-ups, but we only missed 5.      ~Tawny

wow! that game was AWESOME!!!!!!! we won 50-7! the whole team did an excellent job! poor Taylor went through a lot. I was really surprised when she said that she would go in even though she looked really worn-out. anyway, overall, we were, as I have said a million times, awesome. I'm sure we'll do just fine at the next game vs. Big Rapids. this is going to be intense. but it's going to also be a ton of fun!     
                                          ~Katie H.

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