• We won Saturday.

  • The score was 45-15

  • Saturday we played Bear Lake.

  • Bear Lake did very good.

  • We are now the undefeated champions!!!! ~Danielle

  • We won on Wednesday too.

  • The score was 46-8

  • Wednesday we played Crossroads. (big rapids)

  • Big Rapids did very good.

  • We are awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • We won Tuesday also.

  • The score was 50-7.

  • Tuesday we played Brethern.

  • Brethern did very good.

  • We are the best!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ~Danielle

On Saturday we had our basketball tournament. We played against Bear Lake, the winner would go home with the trophy and the loser would get 2nd place. We  played good and won 1st place! We got to take home the trophy and now we are defeated 2 years in a row. ~Megan

The game Saturday was really fun. We beat Bear Lake and took first place in the tournament.  ~Alexis

We won the championship game. The score was 45-15. ~Taylor

We won it was 45-15 and we did good. We took first place and Bear Lake took second place. ~Tawny

 We won the championship game 45-15. We played an awesome game. We've been undefeated for 2 years. ~Kayla

On Wednesday we played Cross Roads and we beat them. We played really hard. That was our first time playing Cross Roads. At first we were really nervous. But we all got over it!! It was a awesome game  ~Natasha

We played Bear Lake and we won and the score was 45-15. Our 7th grade team took 1st place. The Bear Lake Team was not happy that they lost.  ~Hailey

We won 45-15. We played Bear Lake in the championship game. Both teams played great.  ~Caitlin

We won 45-15. We did really good!!!  ~Hanah

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