The Girls Basketball Program hosted a MiddleSchool Dance in the Cafeteria

Friday, Sept. 14th

Dear Ms. Turk,

       The middle school dance was a lot of fun. I got to dance with people. I really want to go back. I like watching people fast dance. It is really funny. I
think we should have more dances.

Sarah Mac

     I really wanted you to include the picture of *** and *** slow dancing. I know Ms. Turk got a picture, and it was really cute! I am disappointed, but there are three or four pictures of me. So yay, but wahhhhh. Oh well.



Photos by Miss Turk and Mr. Baldner

Miss Turk said, "The dance was a lot of fun with many students 'getting down, cutting some rug' to the music played by DJ Taylor Hagen and crew! "

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