This Wednesday we read abc books. we read them to Mrs. N.'s class. I read to Benjamin. He was a good listener. I read my abc book and he read like 5 books.  ~Brandon Bohannon

Buddy Reading

October 10th

Ms. Turk's class visited Mrs. Niederstadt's classroom today.  The middle school students read the ABC books they had made.  In return Mrs. N.'s first & second graders read a book to their middle school buddy. 

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I read my ABC book to the First graders. We both read a book and they he picked out an I spy. We at it and it was fun. I had a really good time reading to them. I hope we do it some time soon. ~Austin

I had lots fun reading to Chloe and Sydnee. They are  First and Second graders. They also read to me. We read lots of books that day. They told me that they had liked my ABC book. They read me two books. ~Sierra Hull

          I had a lot of fun reading to the first graders. They liked to look at the pics I had. After I was done reading they both had a book picked out to read to me. They finished early so they got to pick out another book for me to read to them. I had a lot of fun and they were really nice to me. I would like to do this again.  ~Kelly

   Over the past couple weeks I have been reading to little first graders. My first grade buddies are Sara, Mason, and Sylvia M. I have been reading them a chapter book called Dirty Socks Don't Win Games. This book is about a 4th grade level book. Sometimes it is hard to keep their attention. I think that by reading higher level books to them they will be able to read  better when they are older. ~Elizabeth Bergren

I had a lot of fun reading to my reading buddy. She liked my ABC book. She was a good reader I did not expect her to be able to read a book. she picked out a good book.
~Daniel Misico

       When I read my ABC book to the little kids they had fun. They read 4 books to me because we had so much time left. I read my ABC book to them and they liked it a lot. I read to Maggie and Sophie. They read "The Hungry Cat" I had fun listening.  ~Sarah MacPherson   

~Makayla Sandberg

~Quinn Matthews

Every Wednesday we do buddy reading with the 1st and 2nd graders. My partner was Sylvia N. The book is called The Michigan Mega-Monster. We both think that is it a good book so far. It is about a monster that walks around the camp every night.  ~Derek Hobart 

Dear Mrs Eldridge,  Thank you for putting me and my reading buddy on the Onekama website. First he read his book, then I read my ABC book to him. After I was done he picked a book called Finding Animal Tracks. It was fun, I hope we can do it some other time.  ~Parker Sternberger

During buddy reading I read the kids Brian's Winter. The kids thought it was a good book. I also read my A,B,C book to them. they said it was a good book and it had good drawings. the kids read me there books and i think they are good readers for their level. I think this is a really fun thing to do every Wednesday.  ~Joe Eno

I have had lots of fun doing the buddy reading. I am reading a book called Tight End, but yesterday they read to me. It was fun. They read really good for 1st and 2nd graders. My partners read there book in three minutes tops. I want to do it again next Wednesday. ~Michael Ennis

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The ABC book was great to do it but it was fun to read the ABC book. I had a lot of fun because I can make my own book. The little kinds asked how I made my book. It was fun to read my book to the little kinds. ~Cameron

It was kind fun make and read are abc books to the kindergarteners.  Now we are going to read a book called Loser. I have already  read the first chapter.
I really do not like to read but I think it will be kind fun. The book Loser looks like a good  book.  
~Nick DeLeon