Sergeant Bohannon Tells About his Military Service in the Middle East

E-Mail From: McKenney, Curtis
      Yesterday was cool. I really liked it that Mr. Bohannon came and showed us the pictures and stuff. I really thought it was cool how he was over there doing good for everyone. I thought the Jets and animals where cool. I just didn't like it that we didn't get to finish all of the pictures and see other stuff. I really liked yesterday and I wish that Mr. Bohannon would come again. Yesterday was fun.

E-mail From: Olson, Austin
On Wednesday a man Sergeant Bohannon came and told us about how he was in the War. He showed us some things he had to ware like armor that was heavy. Then he said that it is not all war and not all people getting shot. Then he showed us a slid show of his camp and things. I think it was a fun class because we learned a lot and we didn't have to do much work.

E-mail From: Bohannon, Brandon
On Wednesday, Sgt. Michael Bohannon came in and told us and showed us about when he went to Kuwait and Iraq. He showed us a lot of pictures off his slide show. He showed us pictures of Robin Williams, Lance Armstrong, Miss America, Bush, Condoliza Rice, Kid Rock, and Chuck Norris. Then He explained about all the slideshows that he showed us. It was really cool.

E-mail From: Reckow, Bryce
 Yesterday Sgt. Bohannon came in to talk to our class about his
experience in Kuwait. He served the country for 6 months. He talked to our class about what it was like and what he did. The most interesting thing I thought was how many hours and days he worked. This helped me better understand about what is going on in Iraq, and the war. This was a very good learning opportunity. He is very brave.

E-mail From: Bergren, Emily
Yesterday Mr. Bohannon came in and talked to us. Sergeant Bohannon told us that there is more to being in the army then just war. Sargent Bohannon told us that he was sent to carry luggage and make sure that the luggage got to the right rooms. The part of his speech that I liked the most was when he showed us the Dumb-Dumb. A Dumb-Dumb is a lizard. It has a hard steel tail. I hated when he showed us the picture of the camel spider. The camel spider is a bug that jumps on to the stomach of a camel and eats it from the inside to the outside. The spider lays its eggs inside of the camel. When Sargent Bohannon was in Kuwait, he met Mrs. America. I think that she is really pretty. I think that the most boring part of the speech was when he kept talking about the trucks and planes. It was boring because I didn't know what he was talking about.

E-mail From: Matthews, Quinn
On Wednesday, March 12 Srtg. Mike Bohannon came into our first hour class. He showed us all of the things that he had to wear when he was in Kuwait. The most interesting thing that I thought was when he said that Srgt. Peoples who was also in Kuwait made bracelets. The bracelets that he made, he gave them to celebrities like Chuck Norris, Robin Williams, Condoleezza Rice, Lance Armstrong, and Kid Rick. Also when he came in, he showed us a slideshow of pictures of the bases in Kuwait.

E-mail From: Kmiecik, Amelia
Yesterday Brandon's dad came to talk to my fellow students and me about his time being in Kuwait. He talked to us about all the different kinds of equipment he had to wear. Then he showed us a bunch of different pictures of Kuwait. The grossest picture had to be of the camel spider. Also there are pictures of their rooms that they had, they were pretty small, and it showed that they played x-box in their spare time. I thought that it was cool that the troops got to meet Kid Rock, Miss America, Lance Armstrong and, Robin Williams. I think that it was nice that they went to see the troops because, and then it might make them feel better because the troops have to be so far away from their families, for so long.

E-mail From: Misico, Daniel
On Wednesday Sargent Michel Bohannon came to class for first hour. He talked to us about when he went to Kuwait. He showed is all of the stuff he used like his bullet proof vest, manual, flashlights and other things he used. He also showed us a slide show of pictures. There were a lot of weird pictures too. Like there was an animal he took a picture of the local people where he went called it a dumb dumb. Where was also a spider that lays eggs inside a camel then they eat the camel inside out. It was really cool.

E-mail From: Morales, Jacob

 Yesterday was great! Mr.Bohhannon came and visited are class and told us a lot of cool things about when he was in Iraq. My favorite thing about yesterday was that I got to see the equipment that he was using and I seen the vehicles he drove. I think he is very brave for going over to Iraq, because he had to leave his family for 6 months and that must be hard not to see your family for that long. The coolest thing I saw yesterday was the scorpion that Mr.Bohhannon and his friends kept as a pet. It was pretty cool to see and hear all the stuff he showed us and told us about. Thatís why I think yesterday was great!

From: Hull, Sierra
I think he told us some really good stories. We had learned not every one is bad. I thought the coolest part about it was the slide show. He had some really good pictures. He told us a lot about his journey. He even told us that they all don't drive crappy cares. I thought that was pretty funny. Srgt. Bohannon had showed us his equipment. He told us all about his weaponry. We even got to find out his daily bases. What I thought is really weird he told us about an animal called a dum-dum.

E-mail From: Gauthier, Jessa
Yesterday Mr. Bohannon visited our class room. He let us see all the things he had to wear while in Iraq. He told us stories about many things he did. He showed us pictures of Iraq and many things he did. My favorite part was when he told his stories about being there and showing us the pictures. He had lots of things he had to carry with him when he went places. He brought in medals that he had earned and he even got to meet Miss America, President Bush's wife, Robin Williams, Neil Armstrong and Kid Rock. I thought that was pretty cool. The best part was the fact that he had actually went there and fought for our country. That was really brave.

E-mail From: Curtin, John  

The most interesting thing that mike saved the little kid then the little kid saved a lot of people including him. He told us about Death Highway. SGT Bohannon is the coolest guy ever. He showed us all the equipment that he carries. He told us about the weaponry he carried. They were .50 caliber and a M16. He carried a lot of weight every day.  It was a very cool day.

E-mail From: Greiner,Austin
Yesterday when he came in I learned that he had to work 12hrs a day for 6 days, but he usually got called in on his day off. Also I learned that each group has there own patch. Also that he got to meet Kid Rock, The Rock, Lance Armstrong, and a lot more. Also that he was a master trainer that taught people how to drive stuff. I thought it was weird when we saw a dumb dumb, it looked really funny. Also that one time when he was tossing MRE to little kids a guy stole  one from a little kid so he grabbed a water a chucked it at the guy, and he fell over and the kid kicked him and took it back.   

E-mail From: Hobart, Derek
    Yesterday Sgt. Mike Bohannon came in to our class to talk about what
it was like being over seas in the War. I found out a lot of things like what all of the trucks and weapons he had to use. My favorite part was when he told us about the goat. It was about the goat, Dad, And Child were in the car, And the mom was on top of the car! We also watched a slide show of what Kuwait is like. Mr. Bohannon also got to show us a whole bunch of famous people he got to meet like Lance Armstrong, Miss America, Kid Rock, and a lot of other people. Did you know that they have a KFC in Kuwait? This is what I learned about what I learned about what is happening in the war.

E-mail From: Heiler, Colton:
When he came in I learned that the camel spider could get in side of a camel and lay its eggs.  I also learned that the solders had to carry around an added 45 lbs. I think that it was a good thing to learn about his expertnesses in Iraq. I liked how they took Santa around and took pictures. It was fun.

E-mail From: Schultz, Emalee
Yesterday when Sgt. Bohannon came and talked about going to Iraq it was really cool. Because we got to learn a lot that we didn't know. My favorite part was getting to be able to see all of the pictures and the stuff he had to carry around. I know I wouldn't be able to carry around that muck weight. It must be really hard to do that. I didn't really know what they had to do over in Kuwaiti. I knew some things that they had to do because my uncle had to go to Iraq. But not as much stuff as Sgt. Bohannon showed us. I hope that we can do something like this again, because it was a cool experience. 

E-mail From: Wilburn, Hunter
       Dear srgt. Bohanin Thank you for coming to our school and showing your stuff like the knife it was a pretty cool slid sow to. My favorite thing was the scorpion and the dumb dumb lizard, and the spider. Thanks for coming to tell what you do and it was crazy how many papers in that folder. my favorite thing is the story when you hit the person with a water bottle. I liked the magazines for your guns.  

E-mail From: Jacobs, Joshua:
It was cool that Sgt. Bohannon came to our school and show what he had to his bullet proof vest  and the flash light that was as bright as a car light. I want that flash light. The knife was cool. I learned that if there is an accident you can not help them until 45 min. I learned that the temp. in the day in the summer 140 at night 35 in winter in the day 60 at night 35.

E-mail From: Willis, Brittany
    When Sgt. Bohannon came to class with us. He showed us lots of pictures, my favorite picture was the picture of all of the stars like Miss America, Kid Rock, The Rock, Mrs. Bush, and Lance Armstrong. I thought that it was really cool that he got to meet those people. I also really like that lizard thing (Dumb Doomís). I thought that when he did that demonstration with me, he showed everyone that when you run with a huge gun you hold it on each others shoulders and that you have to be able to trust your partner. I also liked that float that Sgt. Bohannon had to make for the parade. Some of the stuff that he brought back with him was so cool like that uniform, a map of Kuwait because he kept on getting lost, his medals, and that really heavy suit that he had to wear! He told us lots of stories like the one about the car that was on fire, he went to rescue the person who was all torn up inside the car, he was bleeding, and Sgt. Bohannon went to help him, and a police officer
started yelling at him, and the only thing he could understand was forty five minutes not touch! The other story that I really liked was when the car hit the semi and the car just pulled over and got out of his car and saw if it was dented and he just drove off! am glad he came in and told us his story

Dear Mr. Bohannon Thank you for coming to our school. I enjoyed having you. Thank you for letting us see some of your most valuable stuff from war. I liked the pictures. I hope you come home safely at the end of the war. I would like to say more, but thank you for everything especially for saving us from war. We salute you Mr. Bohannon.
Your Friend,

Faith Moerdyk

E-mail From Sam Briggs
     Yesterday, March 12, 2008, Mrs. Ramsey's 6th grade class and both Mrs. Bennett's and Mrs. Brown's 4th grade class watched a presentation from Mr. Bohannon. Mr. Bohannon is a soldier working in the Middle East. He was an amazing presenter. He had several items available for view. We were able to try on his Kevlar (or bullet-proof) vest. It was fairly heavy, but not extremely so. He had a bunch of interesting pictures, a video and many interesting stories. Not much work was involved in the class. All we had to do was pay attention, ask some questions...basic presentation things. I still learned so much! I'm simply amazed! THANK YOU MR. BOHANNON!!

E-mail  from Daniel Kinn
     Dear Mr. Bohannon,
     Thank you for coming to my school. The presentation was awesome. My favorite part was the pictures. My favorite pictures were the dumb and the camel spider. The one I liked the most was the camel spider. On a danger scale of one to ten, I would give the camel spider a nine. I liked the presentation so much.

Dear Sgt. Bohannon,
Thank you for taking time and coming in all day just to talk and answer questions about your serving time. It was appreciated! My favorite thing about you coming in on 3/13/08 was when you told the story about the little boy who was running across the road when you and your friend were going down the street, and your driver had to decide if he was going to run over him. You guys decided to stop, and your knee got hurt. Then a couple days after you were driving down the same street and the little boy stopped you and your friend, he said " bad man, bad man on top of hill" and you guys didn't make note of it until he stopped you again. '' Bad man! Bad man top of hill". you and your partner called different convoys and base. The British didn't get the message in time, and they got rocketed, bombed, grenaded, and shot at. The little boy saved so many lives! Just because you and the person you were with, didn't run him over! That is amazing. Now I have another hero! YOU! Thank you for sharing your stories and telling us not to ask certain questions.
Nisha Collins

 Dear Mr. Bohannon,
     Thank you for coming to our class for the presentation that you did. My favorite part of the presentation was when you talked about how the camel spider attaches itself to the camel and lays its eggs. It was kind-of disgusting but good to know if we ever go there. It was better than regular class because I learned a lot about the country you went to and how rewarding and weird it can be in Kuwait when you're fighting for your country. I think you were very brave when you saved those children's lives while there. Like you said the security does sound very tight. The dumb probably enjoyed it there. I wonder if you have ever seen anyone be stung by those scorpions. Well anyway back to Kuwait. I'd hate to be by a death angel when it went off. It also sounds like you've dealt with some painful injuries and some shocking life-changing experiences. Thank you again for coming in and changing the way we look at life.

Brittany Trombley

Dear Mike,
     Thanks for coming to our school to tell us about your experiences in Kuwait and Iraq. I enjoyed listening to your stories about Kuwait and Iraq. I learned a lot more than I thought I would. That maybe that I thought I knew a lot about war but like you said, I only knew about the negative. I never knew there was a positive side to war until you can to our class yesterday. I also learned about a DUMDUM, I would still like to know what a Dumdum is, but I guess I have to wait. Another thing that I learned about was the Camel Spider. I think it is amazing how the spider can jump that high and flip over in mid-air. I thought it was quite cool how saving that one child's life, you ended up saving yours!  I couldn't believe that a kid that just happened to be there the day you shattered your knee ended up being there two weeks later and helped you and many other peopleís lives be saved. I believe that many people in the school enjoyed your presentation. You many have made people think of changing their mind about the war or maybe they want to go into the marines, war, or navy when they are older. Thanks again for coming to our school and telling us all about your war experiences. I believe you changed the way people look at life and how good they have it. THANKS AGAIN~
Haley Maser*

Dear Mrs. Ramsey or Mrs. Eldridge,

   I had a great class yesterday. Our normal classes are good but I really thought that this was a great class. Mr. Bohannon came in and told us about what he does in the army. Well I thought that it was really awesome that he served for 15 years in the service. My dad also served, so when I told him about it he really enjoyed it. It's also really cool that he got to visit a bunch of different places on the Earth; like Kuwad. He talked about how a camel spider eats into a camel, lays eggs, and then when the babies are born they eat themselves out of the camel. Also when he saved a kid by not running him over, and how the kid then saved him from getting bombed. At the end it was really cool that Mr. Bohannon and his son Brandon gave Mrs. Ramsey an American Flag. This flag was folded so perfectly, it was scary! I had a great class yesterday. Thank you Mrs. Ramsey for having him come in and talk to us.
Lauren Merriman

     Yesterday, Mr. Bohannon, who was in the service for 15 years, came to talk to us about his experience in the military. It was actually really interesting, even if I really don't support the idea of war. What he said was a lot different from the things you hear from other sources because he talked about the good times he had, not just the bad. He also brought his whole uniform and lots of papers and medals that he was awarded during his time overseas. His coming to our class and talking about his experience really helped me to get a better understanding of the whole thing.

 I give lots of thanks to Sgt Bohannon. He taught me and many others
loads of facts about the air force (his job). I didn't like the fact, in
one of the places he worked, there were camel spiders... :S
but I loved learning all about the weapons, and cars/vehicles he used. It
would also be awesome to meet Miss America, Robin Williams, Lance
Armstrong, John McCain and many other important people, like he did. He
has been through so much, and he makes me feel that I can do lots with
my life, and feel safe doing it. Sgt. Bohannon made me think twice about
how the air force works and people risk there lives to help ours. To me,
he is the type of person that helps our country to be safe for all of us
to live the life of freedom. I also give him props for taking the time
to talk to all of us, about all he knows. Thank you SO much Sgt
Jaylee Brown

Dear Sgt. Bohannon,
       Thank you for coming into our school and sharing your ideas with the classes you visited. You taught me very much and I'm sure that you taught many other kids a lot. I would not mind to join the air force. It could teach me a lot and I would enjoy fighting for our country. You served for a long time in Iraq and also in Kuwait. You've probably learned a lot over there. It must take a lot of courage and bravery to leave your family to serve for you country. Thanks a lot and God Bless America! 4sho
Tyler Fogarty

Thanks Sgt. Bohannon for coming to help us to understand more of what it is like to be in a war, and the difference between army and air force. I learned a lot and hope to learn more about the air force. I liked seeing all the different animals there and the difference between the weather here and there. I think that I learned more than I would have if I had read it out of a text book. I also liked seeing where you lived and what you drove. There are more things to drive there than I thought.
Mariah Hunt

Dear Sergeant Bohannon,
    I thought that it was cool how you brought all of your equipment and everything in. It was really cool. I really enjoyed you coming in and teaching us about what you do in the Air Force. My favorite part was the camel spider that was really cool. I really learned a lot. One of the biggest things that I learned about and also thought was really cool was the camel spider. I'm glad that they don't do that to humans. I never would've thought that they would jump that high just to get into a camels stomach. Then just eat away and then hatch then the cycle would just keep going on and on till every camel that they can find is dead. I think that the littlest reason that I liked you being there would have to the no work. The biggest reason that I liked you being there would be how all of the things that you saw, and all of the equipment you have to wear. I can't believe how heavy the bullet proof vest is. Then you have to wear all of that extra equipment. I thought that the bullet proof vest was heavy enough. Well thanks a lot for coming to you school, and teaching us what you do.
Kaitlin Kubiskey

E-mail from Cameron Renwick to Mike Bohannon
I like yesterday because we did not have to do not have to work but we stall learned a lot. I like were you stayed when you were there. I like when the water het the grow that would not go in to the grow. We got to ask quash and they had a cool truck. They had a bag box on the treler.

From: Elder, Dylan
The thing that I liked most was when sergeant Bohannon showed us all them pictures of what he seen when he was down there in Baghdad or any other places he had to go to and there was a desert fox a poisons scorpion, camel spider, and a dum-dum. What sergeant Bohannon did was pretty much get food and water to the people that needed it if they ran
out when they were out lurking around.

The things that Sergeant did looks like it would be really fun to do but really scary and you don't just go to war you can also have fun when your in the air force but when you are in the air force you train every day.

I also learned that you don't get used to the air force because you always keep changing into different uniforms and it's hard to be in the air force and when youíre in the air force you have to carry about 120lbs on you every day and you train every day and that would be pretty hard, wouldn't you think. And also what I learned is that it is about 120-140degrees out there but they have to do what they have to do out there to keep our country safe or state.

Dear Mr. Bohannon,
    I really liked your presentation. I know that it sure would be hard if I had to carry about 120 more pounds of extra weight.    I really liked the dum-dum pictures you showed us. The really good thing about it was that we didn't have any work to do.   I hope you can get back soon. I can't wait for Chris (my ex-brother in-law) to come back. I don't know where my Uncle Scot is either. He's in the Marines.   I have thought about the National Guard because I want to be a vet. Although the story you told us about that one guys golden hour was kind of a scary thing to think about. Having to do surgery on it even though
vets work on animals.   Well...get back son.
Sierra Warner

Dear Sergeant Bohannon,
Thank you for coming in to tell us 6th graders and 5th graders for teaching us a lot of things about the army. That was really cool that u can do a lot of stuff that is fun at the army also.
I liked it when when u came in our class to learn something and not do are other work that was hard but I did like it when u put the lead in that and not let us go to work I liked that a lot.
I learned that u do a lot of stuff in the army and u get to help out people and let them have food and stuff like that. I learned that there are different animals there in the army like the spiders and also the funny lizard called the dumb giggle giggle that was funny.
I also learned that u also help are State be safe and fight for our freedom. I learned a lot from u. U are a great Sergeant in the army.
From Emily Hippensteel 

Dear: Mr. Bohannon    Thank you for telling me and the class room what we need to know. You are nice to come to my school and the kids are happy for you. I like yours pictures you brought to the class room. I like how you met the thing you told us. I like your other stuff you brought to the class room.
Michael Meadows     

From William Sullivan
Mr. Bohannon's presentation was great. He showed us a dum-dum lizard and a desert fox. It must be hard to leave your family in America and have to go to Iraq. Could you imagine what it felt like? Mr. Bohannon showed us his bullet-proof vest and how he has to gear-up. It was one of the best classes I've ever went to. It was so interesting to see how his job works and to hear stories about Iraqi war.

E-mail From Alex Barto:
    Yesterday, Mr. Bohannon visited us. He was in the war in Iraq. He was talking to us and giving us answers to questions. Not only was it interesting but it got us away from having to do anything yesterday. He showed us some pictures and two videos about two different things. I don't remember what they were. But they were interesting. He told us about some of his experiences. At the begging of the presentation he gave Mrs. Ramsey a flag. That was really neat. The fourth graders were there and asked most of the questions. Over all it was a really neat experience.


Dear Mr. Bohannon, 
Thank you for coming and telling us about your time in Kuwait. I am glad you shared you stories with us. I learned a lot from it. They only question I forgot to ask you is if you kept the camel spider? Also I forgot to ask if you were ever going back. Once I get old enough I may also go into the air force. Thank you again and I hope you come in again one day.


E-mail From: Harvey, Madalyn:
Thank you for coming in and speaking to our class. I really liked to
hear about your time in the Air Force. My favorite parts were about the
camel spiders. I love parasitic relationships. Thank you for coming and
talking about Kuwait with us while you could've been doing something
more exciting. It was very interesting and much more fun than reading
out of our textbooks.

Hey this is josh, if you didnít already know. I am glad that Sgt. Bohannon could come to our school and tell us what the Air Force was like. After hearing what the Air Force was like it made me want to consider going into it. The thing that I liked most about the Air Force was that you could think all by yourself without any body telling you what and want not to think. Another thing that I really enjoyed was how he had so many stories both good and bad. Well I have to go finish my reading check so ill catch you on the down low. GOD BLESS AMERICA!!
JOSH G.!?!?!?

Hello!  I am glad that Mr. Bohannon came in for us.  I had a great time.  It was a lot better than a regular class because we got to interact with an air force person and we learned some really cool stuff.  When he said it was about 114 degrees at night, I was surprised that they didn't get overheated.  He said his day consist of working out, going to work, eating, and sleeping.  When he said that I thought that would be pretty boring.  Mr. Bohannon said that he worked for many different things and I thought that was pretty cool.  For me I wouldn't risk my life for that though.  Mr. Bohannon said that they had steak Friday.  He also said the steak tasted like chewing on rubber.  I really appreciate him coming in! He taught me and many other people a lot!
Amber Sullivan

Dear Sergeant Bohannon,
    It was great having you come in and talk to us about what your job was and what is was like being in the Military. My favorite part was when you showed us all of the equipment. It must have been like a work out walking around with all of it. But it's a good thing your wearing it to stay safe. I think you taught us what the military was like and how hard it was. After you told us what the Military was like it didn't seem as bad as I thought it was. I am typing this to you because I wanted to thank you for coming in and telling us how the Military worked. So...
From: Cady Lowe

March 2008