6th Grade Team Building at PLCBC

    On Halloween the sixth grade went to the Portage Lake Bible Camp to participate in some team-building games. In other words we went there to have fun. We had two groups of 10 and one group of 11, because of the 32 people in our class, only 31 came. The leaders of these three groups were Ms. Turk, Mrs. Ramsey and Mrs. Scheppelmann. The camp staff also helped us, so each group had two leaders. My groups leaders were Ms. Turk and a woman named Jen from the camp staff.

    During the first part of the day we played some really fun games. There was one where you had to move a ball of 'uranium' from its hot 'reactor' (which looked sort of like a plunger) and onto the cooler one about 30 feet away. We couldn't get within four feet of the ball, so we had to use...uhhhh...well I'm not sure what it's called. So I'll just describe it. There were 10 strings connected to a small metal ring. We had to lift the tennis ball onto the ring and onto the other reactor. That was hard, but really, really fun.

    After lunch, we went to go do things like rock climbing and to do the 'Flying Squirrel' Rock climbing is just like it sounds. You climb a giant rock. That was fun. I reached the top. The Flying Squirrel is when you’re hooked to a harness, and people pull you into the air. That was fun too. I wish we could go again... That was a lot of fun.     ~Samantha Briggs 10/31/07

      Yesterday all of our class went out to portage Lake Bible camp. We split into three groups. I was Mrs. Turk’s group. I think the name of our councilor was Jen. She was really nice. At first we did a lot of fun little activities. We played tag games such as knee tag and some others. Then we went off into our groups. The first thing we did was try to move a ball of uranium off of a hot thingy and onto a cool one. We never were quite able to do it though. Next we did something called the islands. Those were very complicated so I will not explain it. After we had lunch we all went out to the climbing wall and the flying squirrel. The flying squirrel is a machine where you attach somebody to a rope that goes up between two wires and back down again. There are a lot of people on this end of the rope that run and lift the person up. This jerks the person 30 feet into the air. Overall it was an awesome day.
Alex Barto

     I like the game when we were Galflings and two people were wizards. And we had to not get frozen by there orbs. I like the team building activity, when we had to get everyone to the big dock on the other side. I liked it when it was time to eat. I had two begs of bozo sticks. That was so good I wish we can have those bozo sticks here at Onekama Schools. After lunch I climbed the climbing wall, climbing it was a little hard. But the flying squirrel was fun but a little scary when you look down. That was my day at Portage Lake Bible Camp.
Ben Reinhard
      Yesterday my class went on a field trip to portage Lake Bible camp.
       I learned lot's of knew stuff.  You can accomplish a lot more things if you work together or as a team.  You can have a lot more fun if you don't argue and blame people for what they did.
       I had a lot of fun at the rock climbing wall.  I liked the wall that had the shapes coming out of it, I liked it because it was challenging for me and I like a good challenge.  I did the flying squirrel for my first time!  This place had good food too.  For lunch we had chicken sandwiches and bosco sticks.  Mrs. Ramsey, Mrs. Turk, and Mrs. Scheppelmann did the flying squirrel too!
 Portage Lake Bible camp rocks! ~Logan Fogarty

   We went to Portage Lake Bible camp on October 31. We had three groups Ms. Turks group Mrs. Ramsey and Mrs. Sceppelmann. I was Ms. Turk’s group with 1. Claire 2. Faith 3. Mariah 4. Sami 5. Alex 6.Logan 7. Dylan 8.David 9.Justin. I never thought Logan Dylan and Justin cold be so nice well duh they were not around there friends. We all got along when we did them team building. When we did the Islands we tried working together you had to grab the persons hand when you were on one of the boxes. I was with Logan on that but I fell one time but the either group made it work. The first one was about getting along with each other but you had to take this string and then you had to put the ball then pull hard the put it on the other one. Then you saved the Manistee County but we did not. Then we had lunch and then we went to the Rock climbing and Flying squirrel then we left then watched the CNN student news. ~Brittany Humes
  On Tuesday and Wednesday I was sick most of the time. I hate getting sick, but I always seem to be sick. I always almost get sick on field trips, holidays, or any special occasion there is. I thought I had a cold or something, but the doctor told me that I just had a scratchy throat and a little bit of a cough. That is what I did on Wednesday. Sincerely,  ~Natasha V.

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   Yesterday, we went to PLCBC for a field trip. Before we left we split into to three groups, Ms. Sheppelmann, Mrs. Ramsey, and Mrs. Turk. I was in Mrs. Ramsey’s group. While we were there we did a lot of group activities that involved working together. The hardest activity was the spider web. We had to through holes in a rope web without going through the same hole twice. Mitchel and I kept getting lifted into the air! My favorite part of the trip was the rock climbing at the end. I climbed the wall six times! I had a great time.
 ~William Sullivan

    Yesterday I had fun at the bible camp. I did a lot of activities. First I played some tag games. The first game was called knee tag. The second game was called wizards and gelphlings. After the games, I did some activities. I played and activity called get the orb. My group and I were trying to get a marble/orb to the exit/line in the sand. The problem was that we had to use only a bunch of tubes. When we got the marble in our tube we had to freeze. If we dropped the marble the wizard would wake up. After a few tries we made it to the exit. Then it was time for a different activity. The activity was called the missing bridge. We had to pretend we had free trip to Hawaii and a volcano erupts. The volcano causes the bridge to collapse. All we had was two boards, ten people, and three platforms. I had fun with that activity. After that I had lunch. I had a chicken sandwich with bozo sticks orange juice. Then after lunch I did some more activities. I was too chicken to go on any of the rides. One of the rides was called the flying squirrel. The other was a rock climbing wall. I had fun at that camp.  ~Daniel Kinn


     Yesterday,Oct.31 the sixth grade class went to Portage Lake Covenant Bible Camp. We went there for a field trip. I go to that camp so I knew three out of four people that work there. One of them I had as a counceler my first year. We all got into groups and went and did lo ropes. In my group was Michell Clark, Micheal Meadows, Levi Mattison,  Sami T, Mrs. Ramsey, lauren, me, Brandon. Emily, William, Mikelle, and Seirra. We went to the spider web which was very hard to do. We also did the Whale Watch, and the squeeze box. I also did the rock wall and the flying squirrel. The flying squirrel was my favorite that day I had SO MUCH FUN!!!!!!!!
~ Nisha

        On October 31st (Halloween) the sixth grade class went to the Portage Lake Covenant Bible Camp for a field trip. It was fun because we were divided into three teams, and we played a bunch of different games of tag. We also played this game called Gelflings and Wizards. Then we went into our teams. On my team there was Daniel, Kaitlin, Ben, Me (of course), Cameron, Nick, Cady, Haley, John, and Courtney. The first game we played when we divided into our teams was when we had to get the wizard's orb out of his home. See we had these tubes that were cut in half and we had to get this orb (marble) all the way out of his home only using our tubes and we couldn't move our feet. The orb couldn't go backwards or stop either. It was kind-of hard, but our team worked together really well and we got the orb out of the wizard's home in about a half an hour. When we a lunch it was really good. I had a chicken patty with cheese and lettuce on it, a salad, and some fruit. When we got done eating lunch we went rock climbing up a 35 ft wall! It was so much fun! That was my first time ever rock climbing and I wasn’t even scared! We also went on this thing called the flying squirrel. That was one of my favorites because we had this full body harness attached to us, and we started running while our other classmates pulled us up 40 ft off the ground. When I got up there, it was so cool and I shouted,” Awesome! This is so cool!” I wasn’t scared when I was up there either! Michael went on the flying squirrel at one point and the class pulled so hard that he did a flip in between the cords and flipped back over. We (the class) felt bad for him, but it was funny because we named that move the Michael. I loved going to the Portage Lake Covenant Bible Camp for the field trip and I’m going to try to go to it next summer.    ~ Brittany Trombly

           My class went to a Bible Camp yesterday. Before, I didn't want to go to the camp, but now I'm glad I went. When we got there I didn't know what to expect. When the bus stopped we went to a big field.  The employees explained what our day was going to be like.  Then I started to get excited, because they told us that we were going to get lifted 20 feet in the air.  After they explained what we were going to do we played a couple of tag games, then we played People to People.  People to People is a game where you have a partner and somebody calls out a motion and your partner or you has to do the motion.  Then when they say "People to People" you have to switch partners.  It was really fun, because the staff played too.  After we were done with the morning activities we got split into three groups.  I was in group two, which was Ms. Ramsey's group. Then we got a staff member to help us get around and do the activities.  Our staff member was Sarah.  She was really nice.  The first thing we did as a group was play a name game.  The we had to play a game where we had to cross the Amazon River using small cubes.  The next thing we did was play a game where you have to sing on a rope to get to a very small platform, and all of your team mates have to be on the platform before we could win the game and move onto the a new activity.  Next thing was the Spider Web. It took a long time, but it was so much fun!  Whale Watch is like a big tetter totter.  You have to even it out and keep it like that for ten seconds.  The Squeeze Box was fun because we were all squished together.  Then we went to the Cafeteria.  We were the first group in there and there was juice on the tables, which was really good.  For lunch we got a choice between a chicken patti, bread sticks, pudding, and a salad.  I had bread sticks, a salad, and some of the awesome juice.  After lunch we went to the ropes course.  We got to do two activities there, the flying squirrel, but I was too chicken to do the rock wall.  I'm glad I went and I would like to go again!! ~Lauren Merriman

       Yesterday 10/31/07 we went to plcbc camp in Onekama. We left at 8:15 and came back at 2:30. When we got there we got to play games like tag and people to people. people to people is where you find a partner and the person that doesn't have a partner goes in the middle and calls off things like nose to knee. After we played some of those games, Matt said that we could get in our groups and find 
a counselor. Ben went with our group with Ms. Sheppelmann.
     The first thing we did was learn each others names and we had to act out what we liked doing. After we went around the circle we got tube and we put them together and put a marble or the wizards orb down it. we messed up the first couple of times and then we finally got the wizards orb to the end. Then we walked through the woods and went to a thing called missing bridge. Missing Bridge is where you have to get across 2 boxes and then one more to safety from the lava. It was hard because there were well the small people went across first. We laid a big board across and then I went across with the little board. We didn't make everybody across.
      After we went to lunch we went to the rock wall and then to the flying squirrel. first the group I was in went to the rock wall first. I was first, I was so close to the top but I was very scared and I wanted to get down. Next we went to the flying squirrel. It was very fun going up. But dum, dum, dum Michael Flew through the cords. I didn't want to go but I ended up going up because we weren't going to run as fast after what happened to Michael. But the good thing is we had fun and he's okay. I love plcbc it is so fun. ~Cady Lowe 11/02/07

    Yesterday the 6th graders (of Onekama Consolidated Schools) went to Portage Lake Covenant Bible Camp. We learned about teamwork and how you can be more successful using it over trying to do it by yourself. At the beginning of the morning, we all played 5 games. One was like freeze tag but not exactly, another was knee tag, and another was a game where someone told you what you and your partner had to do without falling, another game was you went into a circle and your partner was in another circle when somebody yelled what is was you were supposed to do you find your partner and hold he command (if you were last to do the command your out). Another game we played was wizards and gelphlings  After that we split into 3 groups. One was with Mrs. Ramsey, another was with Mrs. Scheppelmann (I was in her group), and Mrs.Turk's group. My group first went to the beach. We introduced our selves to Matt and Ben. The next game we played there was an orb in a  wizards cave and we were trying to steal it without him waking up. If it hit the ground you had t run out as fast as you could so you wouldn't get caught. The tricky part was that you couldn't use your hands because you would freeze in your spot and you would have to be let free so we had t use pieces of pipe but when the orb was in your pipe . We made it in about 15 tries. That is were teamwork comes in handy! Our next activity was "missing bridge." We were going on vacation when a volcano errupted! We had 2 boards to use and we had to get everyone to the 3rd platform without the boards or any of us touching the ground. We never beat that activity. We had to go to lunch next :). We got Bosco Sticks and Chicken Patties, they were really good. Then we went to me favorite part, Rock Climbing and Flying Squirell! I beat both rock climbing walls about 3 times each. The Flying Squirell was fun until Micheal got wrapped around and he got scratches all over his leg (then I was terrified)! That is how my day at P.L.C.B.C. went. It was really fun :) :)..Then I got to go trick-or-treating! ~ Haley Maser


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