Directed by Amanda Harthun,  
Music Director Kathy Graham, 
Ron Miller Assistant Director, 
Alicia Webster Accompanist

Bear Lake School, Kaleva Norman Dickson School, & Onekama Consolidated School
Take great pleasure in announcing the production of

March 14 - 16,   2008
at The
Brethren High School Cafetorium


Costumes were sewn by Amanda Harthun, Mrs. Reed, and 2 students (Grandma Fa and the Pink Ancestor).   Susan Barnard made the dragon costume.


The Ancestors :
  • Laozi (Honor)-in gold kimono--Molly Yaple (BL)

  • Hong (Destiny) in green kimono-Sam Stockfisch (Bl)

  • Lin (Wisdom) in baby blue-Emily Barnard (O)

  • Yun (love) pink kimono-Dani Simo (BL)

  • Zhang (strength) red kimono-Bryce Descavish (BL)


  • Chi-Fu-- (Chinese bureaucrat in royal blue)-Abigail Smeltzer (BL)

  • Mulan-Madalyn Harvey (O)

  • Grandma Fa-Kaydee Swanson ( BL)

  • Fa Li-  (mother) Courtney Hobart (KND)

  • FA Zhou- (father)-Pat Burba (KND)

  • Matchmaker-Anna Rayburn (KND)

  • Emperor-Devin Newsom (KND)

  • Capt. Shang-Misael DeJesus (KND)

  • Ling (skinny soldier)-Blair Nelson (KND)

  • Qian-Po (soldier w/ apple) Reggie Gramza (KND)

  • Yao- (soldier with "potential") Jimmy Frizzell (KND)
    Other soldiers: 
      Alicia Berryhill (O), Claire Harvey (O), Ashley Fraley (KND), Mariah Hunt (O),

  • MUSHU (DRAGON)- Kaitlin Matesich (BL)

The Huns:
  • Shan-yu (leader)Fabian Velez (KND)

  • Magyar -Sarah Robbins (KND)

  • Subar-Tu-Abner Lopez (KND

  • Poem reader-Sarah Robbins

  • Cheongsam Sales:  Helen Cunningham (KND)

Fathers, Sons, Maidens, mothers, daughters (not previously listed):   Julianna Gramza, (KND) Siarra Lopez (KND) , Hailey Guinan (KND), Emileigh Ferguson (BL), Mara Davidson (KND), Nathaniel Jacobs,(KND) Maci Podblodski(KND), Kassie Hook (O, Taylor Mallison (O), Jacalyn Webster (KND), Madysen Webster (KND), Meredith Hengy (BL), Louise Barnard (O), Brittany Babb (KND), Tucker Laws (O), Samantha Ewell (KND), Jalie Juers (KND), Jessica McPherson (BL)

Music and Lyrics by
Matthew Wilder and David Zippel, Stephen Schwartz,
Jeanine Tesori and Alex Junge

Music Adapted and Arranged
And Additional Music and Lyrics by Bryan Louiselle

Book Adapted and
Additional Lyrics by Patraicia Cotter

Based on the 1998 Disney Film
"Mulan" and the story of "Fa Mulan"
by Robert D. San Souci