Performing Arts for Middle School Students

Fundamentals of Acoustic Guitar

Gretchen Eichberger-Kudlack, Instructor

Onekama Middle School 2007/08
 1st Semester

 Location: Band Room
2nd Floor
Time: 7th Hour 2:10 3:00 PM, Tuesdays and Thursdays

Course Description

This class is designed for the beginning Guitar student.  Students will learn proper technique, song learning, note reading, rhythmic skills, fingerboard geography, musical style and interpretation, and performance etiquette.  The end result of this class will hopefully inspire the student to continue further study independently, advanced classes, or seek a private instructor.  The knowledge gained in this class will set the foundation for improvisation and composition, perhaps even the formation of a garage band!


  • Acoustic Guitar We are now in the process of acquiring guitars for this class via our used guitar drive.  Any student who has access to a guitar is encouraged to take advantage of using it for this class.  Guitars will not be used until the week of September 17.  Students in this class are NOT REQUIRED to purchase a guitar.
  • Additional accessories: extra strings and picks
  • Guitar Case Student will have it labeled with a luggage tag
  • It is mandatory that all students bring a pencil with erasers
  • It is mandatory that all students bring a simple pocket folder for all music and pertinent handouts.
  • Music handouts will be provided


The following itinerary is subject to change depending on the needs of the students.

September 4 &6 Guitar Drive, History of Guitar, Film, Syllabus

Sep 11 &13 Guitar Drive, Care of Guitar, History Quiz

 Sept 18 & 20  - All guitars will be provided for at this time, How to hold your guitar, stings, and tuning, Care of Guitar Quiz

Sept. 25 & 27 Chords A and D, Strumming Patterns,

Oct. 2 &4 Chords G, A, D, Strumming Patterns

Oct. 9 & 11 Graded Performances

Oct. 16 &18 chords E minor and A minor

Oct. 23 & 25 Notes on high E sting, Notes on B string

               Performance Quiz

Oct. 30 & Nov. 1 Notes on G and D string

Nov. 6 & 8 Notes on  A and Low E string

             Performance Quiz

Nov. 13 &15 Ensemble Rehearsal

Nov. 20 &22 Ensemble Rehearsal

Nov. 27 & 29 Ensemble Rehearsal

Dec. 4 & 6  - Ensemble Rehearsal

Dec. 11 & 13 Ensemble Rehearsal

Dec. 18 & 20 Recitals Location TBA

Jan 3 Independent Study

Jan 8 & 10 Independent Study

Jan 15  & 17  - Final Performance and Written Exam

Class Policies

  • Absolutely no playing of guitars while teacher is conducting class
  • Raise hand for a question
  • Students are responsible for having music and handouts
  • Lost music or music in poor condition will be replaced by the student at their own expense and time.  Teacher will not supply music that is lost or misplaced!
  • Student is responsible for his or her own instrument.  If damage occurs to a school owned instrument, the student is responsible for the cost of replacing or repair of the instrument.
  • Students must practice daily.
  • Performances in class are required.
  • Do not leave seat, move around the room without permission from teacher.
  • Students will not touch any instrument or band equipment that does not belong to them.
  • Absolutely no edible items in the classroom. (food and drink)

 Practice Routine

All students should try to practice daily.  Developing a daily practice routine only rewards the student with confidence and real progress.  Set clear goals for each practice session and you will achieve positive results.  It is your responsibility to yourself and the ensemble to practice your parts daily.

Instrument Storage

Students will store their instruments in cases in designated areas only.  They must be stored in an orderly fashion to help protect the instrument from damage.  You are not place your instrument along the walls or walkways.  Students who do not properly store their instrument will have points taken away from their final grade.

Instrument Drop-off 

I am available from 7:45 8:00 in the band room for instrument drop off on Tuesdays, and Thursdays.  The instrument will be locked in the piano lab.  Many students have various activities after school, therefore we will need to make a plan for instruments to be picked up before going home. 


Attendance will be taken each day.  All students must be in their seat with music and instrument by 2:15.  Anytime beyond that point the student will be considered tardy.  Any student that is late for class must have a written note.  School policy will be followed when addressing class tardiness.  Please see you student handbook. 

Grading Criteria

All quizzes and performances will have the same weight.  Your grades for the quizzes and performances will reflect you participation, attitude, and self-discipline.

  • History of Guitar Quiz  - Sep 11

  • Care of Guitar Quiz Sep. 20

  • Graded Performance 1 Oct. 4

  • Graded Performance and  Theory Quiz  2 Oct. 25

  • Graded Performance  and Theory Quiz 3 Nov. 8

  • Graded Performance  4 Dec. 18

  • Final Performance and  Theory Exam Jan 17