My Summer

Joe Eno


I had a good summer. I went fishing, camping, and swimming. This summer was the first time I went fly fishing. I caught a ton of bluegills on my fly rod. I also went salmon fishing. I caught my first lake trout. We camped in two different places. We camped at heli lake and Mud Lake. The only thing I did at camp was fish. This summer we got a new raft. I spent a lot of time on it. That was my summer.


My summer

Austin Olson


     My summer was really fun I went tubing down the plat river. Me my mom and my brother and my cosines went tubing. I had a really good time. I also went to Florida. I saw my sister. We went to Bush Gardens and whet to the ocean. Me and my mom drove back home. I really wanted to make candles but I never got to. I had a really good summer with my friends. I also went to arcadia beach and played with Daniel. I had a really good summer.


My Summer

By Emily Barnard


This summer I went to Blue Lake. I went with Madalyn Harvey. We had a great time. I think we were in the best cabin in the whole camp. Everyone in our cabin got along really well, and we are all still friends. It is a uniformed camp, so we all had to dress alike. Everyone wore a light blue polo shirt, tucked in all the way around, navy blue pants, skirt, capris, shorts, or jeans, and “substantial” shoes. The counselors would yell at you if your uniform was “messed up”: your collar popped, your shirt untucked, your sleeves rolled up, or your button unbuttoned. It got really annoying.

There was a carnival when I was there. There were lots of games: a hula hoop contest, a ring toss, a beanbag throw, a water bucket game, and lots more. Also, there was a dance. I went to the dance with a rock. Kelli, my choir partner, did too. Catherine was going to, but she got a date instead. I painted a face on my rock. He had long hair. It was really fun.

I went for voice. I was a soprano one in the SSA choir. We had five hours of rehearsal every day. In the end of camp we had a concert. Lots of people came to the concert. Camp was a really good experience for me.


My Summer

By Becky Cunningham


     My summer was great! The day after school ended my church had a youth sleepover. I was sick so I had to go to the doctors office. I had strep throat for the third time. I went to the sleepover but I had to stay away from everybody. The only reason I stayed was because my mom and dad were the  supervisors We had a pudding fight, and I got to stand on the cement and throw pudding. When it was time for everybody to go to sleep I had to sleep in the back of the church. The next day I felt the same but I felt a little better. My summer was great.


My Summer

Daniel Misico


This Summer was rally fun. I went out in the woods. I target practiced with my bow and 22 Riffle. I also fished. I stayed there for the week. I also went to a place called pirates cove. I had lots of fun. We went on waterslides swimming and racing. I swam almost every day at the beach. I live right next to it. I went swimming with Austin. I also went to arcadia days. I bought a lot I had lots of fun.


My summer

Austin G.


This last summer I went paintballing. It was fun. There was a lot of people playing. I goat shot in the ear, leg, arm, and in my back. The one that hurt the most is when I got shot in the ear. I also got some people out. My gun is a tippman 98 custom. Stuff I wanted to do this summer is go to hawiwwi, Wisconsin, or Florida. I went to a lot of friends houses. Also I went skateboarding with my friends. My skateboard is an element. This last summer I had a lot of fun.

My Summer

Emalee Schultz


     This year I went to Indiana for a wedding. My cousin Chris’s wedding he was getting to his girlfriend Sarah. They had the wedding at Chris’s mom’s house. They got married in the front of there house. They had a huge tent if it rained, and it did. But it didn’t rain until at the resection. It was so hot out we all were sweaty. Sarah was so pretty, she had a long white dress. After the wedding came the rain it down pored. They had a golf cart and we just left the house to go on a ride, and it started to rain. There was one problem I was on the back, the back has no top. I was getting so wet, and my cosines Andrei and Luke were laughing at me. They had a top over them. I was soaked  my mom said it is good luck if it rains on your wedding day. Apparently they will have a lot of luck.


My summer

Bryce Reckow


   This summer I went to see a Tigers game in Detroit. The Tigers won the game because Magglio Ordonez hit a grand slam in the ninth inning winning the game. That same week in October I saw a NASCAR race. Also this summer we went camping a lot of times. If I had two more days off school I would off of school I would off went on an Alaskan Cruise. My best friend’s mom took me to Michigan Adventures for the whole day. I rode the oldest wooden roller coaster in the United States. Summer was the best because I had friends over a lot. They also went camping with me. My favorite part was going fishing with my grandpa a lot. I caught a thirty pound King Salomon, it took me an hour and thirty two minutes to reel him in. Summer was the best summer I ever had.


My Summer

Brittany Willis


     This summer I played softball. One game I had a really bad game. I was sliding into home plate and the catcher hit me, I fell over and landed on my wrist. I went to the emergency room the next day a found out that I sprained my wrist. I fell on it wrong. I was in a splint for about a month, I was lucky that I didn’t break it.

     But otherwise I had a great summer. I spent time at the beach I hung out with my friends.

     I had a great summer!


My Summer

By  Kaylan Fitch


     This summer my cousins came up 2 or 3 times from Saline. We went over there too, but only 1’s or 2’s. The last time they came over was the best. My cousins names are Darah (12 years old), Erin (11 years old), and Samantha (6 years old). Darah brought one of her friends up named Liz. We climbed trees, played tag, and ate good food. We even gave each other massages and had a sleepover. On the day that they were going to go home we all went to the pier. Then we jumped off the pier! It was so fun. 


My Summer

John Curtin


     This summer my dad and I went to a bunch of states. The National parks we went to are Arches National park, Bryce Canyon, Zion National park, and Grand Canyon. The states we visited are Colorado, Utah, Arizona, Texas, Kentucky. I also went to Mexico for a few minutes. Usually my dad and I take trips every year except last year. My dad had surgery twice on the same knee. We had a great trip! That was the best part of my summer!


My Summer

Sarah MacPherson


     I went to the great wolf lodge this summer. I had a lot of fun. There was a big water park we went swimming all the time. Me and my family went. My brother came too. My brother doesn’t live with us. He is married and lives in Mesick. Erin came too, my sister in law. We all had so much fun. There was water slides some went outside. I almost fell off my inner tube the slide went so fast. I love the Great Wolf Lodge.  


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This summer

Amy Kmiecik


This summer I went out on my grandma’s boat, on Lake Michigan. We packed a lunch. We went all the way to Ludington, than we came back. On the way back it was really bumpy. There were really big waves. It was kind of scary but, it was fun too. Also I was in 4-h this year and, I had a turkey and a bunny in the fair. I was open class, and I got 1st place for booth animals. I was really happy.  This was the first year showing animals in the fair.  It was a really fun summer.


My summer

Jake Morales


     This summer I had my birthday. I got an I pod from my mom it can hold up to 1,000 songs! The only thing is I wanted to go to Michigan adventures for my birth day. That’s ok I didn’t because I still had fun. I also got like 80$ to spend on my birth day. I got an element skate board for my birth day also. I had a real fun summer and a real fun birthday. Summer was a real blast!


My summer

Derek Hobart


     This summer I went to Chicago and Kenosha Wisconsin. In Chicago my sister went shopping. I went to the ESPN ZONE. It a place where there are a lot of games you can play there. In Kenosha I went to a professional wakeboard competition. I met a lot of pros. Also in Chicago I went to a Chicago Bears football game. That is what I did this summer.


My summer!

Jessa Gauthier


     This summer was very fun for me. I did a lot of sleeping though. Towards the beginning of the year I watched some television. I also took turns hanging out with friends. Another thing that happened was my cousin died. So my cousin-in-law Monica and her boys came up and we spent time with them. My grandma came up from Virginia and is living with me now! I did not get to go to the fair but instead my cousins from Virginia came up. We had fun. We hung out at home and went to town. We went to Candy Mountain too. That was pretty much my summer. This is basically what I did.


My Summer

Sierra Hull


     This summer I went back to my dads.  I went fishing, shopping, and went to my aunties house.   We had lots of bond fires. I went swimming in my grandma’s lake. My dad bought me 300 dollar water slid. I had so much fun.

     My grandma gave me and my cousin Jaena each 60 dollars to go shopping at mall of America. She even gave twenty to go on rides at Mall of America.



Kelly Koon


     This summer I went to Wisconsin to see my Aunt Carol. I was there for five days. When I was there Collen came over every day. On the first day we went to the mall. When we were at the mall we got our nails done. After we had lunch and went shopping at all the stores. That night we played night games, like Ghost in the grave yard, and Candy land out side. The next two days I went to my Aunt’s step daughter’s house baby sitting her daughter. The next day I stayed at Collen’s house. It was raining so we played board games. On the last day I went to see a move, and took the S.S. Badger home.  


My Summer Vacation

Quinn M.


     I went wakeboarding and skiing this summer. On a wake board I try to do a 360. I haven’t landed it yet. I went to camp this summer too. I went swimming, played with my friends, and went skateboarding. The bad thing is this summer my brother hurt his arm. I also went fishing this summer. I only caught ten bass though, but I caught a lot of blue gills and sun fish. I also went to a wakeboard competition. It was really cool to see all the pro wakeboarders. I saw most of my cousins this summer. I played paintball a couple of times this summer too.


My Summer

Curtis McKenney


     My summer was good and bad. We have two houses one is in Mesick the other is in Harrison. The house in Harrison is a little trailer. We get to jet sky, fish, kneeboard, and fish. At night we sit around the fire and eat smores. The bad thing is that our neighbors are moving. They were really nice people and when ever we had boat problems they helped. At my house in Mesick I read a bit of star wars and of Erigorn. I also watched the ant bully. I also went fishing with Joe. We caught a king salmon and a Coho. My summer was really fun.


My Summer

Jenafae cloutier


This summer I went to Mackinaw city in girl scouts. I stayed at a hotel there. That day we also went on a bout tour to the island and threw the Soo locks. We stayed in mackinaw city for three days.

The reason we got to go on the trip was because we raised enough selling Girl Scout cookies. Lori Shultz is are Girl Scout leader and are co-leader is karee Gauthier. We had fun in girl scouts! 


My Summer

Elizabeth Bergren


This summer I was on a 9-10 all star team. That’s when they pick the best players from each softball team in the area. There were 11 different girls on my team. Their names were Randy, Jamie, Olivia, Alisha, Hannah, Desteny, Stephany, Tyla, Megan, Julia, and Bree. I played 3rd base, center field, and right field. We played West Branch 2, and 2 other teams. We played against West Branch for the district 8 champion chip. We won and we went on to state champion chips in Pau, Pau. 16 different teams came from all around Michigan out of more than 200 teams. We lost our first game, 12-1. We won our second game, 5-4. We also won our 3rd game, 14-8. We lost our 4th game 8-9.That game was amazing because we  had 1 at the last inning and we came back like crazy. I got 

On base every single time. Even though we were out of the tournament it was awesome. we got 6th place out of the whole state. Oh yeah did I mention I got a black eye playing. I hope I make the team next year too.


My Summer

Moriah Miller


this summer I was really looking forward to going out on my boat. Even though i did not get to do that I still had a good summer! Over the summer I got to go to camp! Also I got to go to Mackinac City, and Mackinaw Island. I took my trip to Mackinac City and Mackinaw Island with my Girl Scout Troup. The trip made my summer a whole lot of fun. Also my summer was a whole lot of fun because I got to go to camp! Even though over the summer I did not get to do everything I wanted to I still had fun!


My summer

Parker Sternberger


This summer I went to the Indiana state fair for my cousin’s birthday. Then we went down to my grandmas and played cards. Then my mom and I saw these black clouds touch ground. We tuned on the TV and it said there was a tornado warning. Then it said there was a tornado sighting at east of third at 11 hundredth and my grandma said that’s right at the corner! Then we came home and went golfing with my cousin and his dad. Then we went golfing again with my friend. On about the fifth hole I chipped it in way to hard and it hit the pin and instead of bouncing off hit went strait down into the hole.


Paragraphs were written the first week
of September 2006