Ms. Turk's Fifth & Sixth Hour Reading Classes

In both 6th and 7th grade Reading classes, Ms. Turk read  “My Everest Story” aloud.  As a capstone to the book, students were put in groups, tied together with jump ropes, and asked to go trekking through the tough and dangerous terrain (playground and sliding hill) found when summiting Mt. Everest.  The class went over obstacles on the playground imagining they were going over crevasses across ladders (monkey bars), climbing up and down ice (slides) and other steep terrain (ladders, steps).  Once students reached the top of the hill students summited down Mt. Everest (sliding hill) being careful not to go over a cliff or fall causing possible death for the group.  Students were then asked to write about their experiences summiting Mt. Everest relating it the story. 

Today I climbed Mt. Everest in 26 minutes.  It was fun and also not so fun.  I didn’t like that we were tied together.  I like the things we did.  My favorite was the monkey bars.  It was hard because we had to wait for the person behind you.  If went ahead the person behind you could get hurt. It was fun because I could picture myself over crevasses and it was cool.  Today was one the best days of school.  –Curtis, 6th grade
Today I climbed Mt. Everest.  I went with Amy K., Jena C., and Jessa G.  We had to go through crevasses.  We also had to really communicate with each other in order to survive.  It was hard to go across the crevasses (over the monkey bars) all tied together with jump ropes.  If we did one wrong thing then we put each other in danger like in the book.  The part I liked the most was getting to climb with my friends as I accomplished something really cool.  –Emalee, 6th grade

My experience outside pretending to be on Mount Everest was very fun, but also very hard.  It was fun because we got to laugh and be with our friends.  It was hard because we were roped together and it was very cold!  The hardest part was trying to get off of the monkey bars.  The rope was tangled all around me and I couldn’t get down.  We got down by having to detach our ropes.  By the time I got down my hands were freezing!  The most fun of all was when we were running down the hill and Jaylee fell.  We she fell we all went down with her laughing.  It took a little bit to get back up because it was icy.  ~Jami Continued below

I wouldn’t want to climb Mt. Everest for real because if I was frozen just being outside, I would be even more frozen on the mountain for several days.  I was having a hard time climbing on the playground all tied together.  It would be very, very hard climbing on a mountain.  I had a ton of fun pretending outside, but I would never even try to climb a mountain for real.    –Jami, 7th grade

I had an awesome time climbing and summiting Mt. Everest.  There were some difficult things like going across the monkey bars (going across ladders and crevasses).  My crew and I had loads of fun going down the hill (Mt. Everest).  There was one time that I fell and the rest of the crew fell behind me.  There were four people in my crew; Emily, Moriah, and Jami.  Emily was the leader.  I was second.  Jami was third and Moriah was last. 

 We had to pass and go across lots of obstacles to survive this outrageous hike.  It was also very, very, very cold outside.  If we had to be out there for 24 hours like in the book we would have gotten frostbite. 

This adventure reminds me of what Mark the character in the book had to go through. Even though the obstacles we had to go through weren’t the same it was easy to pretend and get a real feeling for what it would be like. I am glad I did this.  It feels awesome to accomplish something that

a lot of people die from. If I were to do this in real life, I would want and have better equipment.  I would have changed my clogs to shoes or boots.  I also would have done a better job helping my crew instead of just watching and laughing while I waited for them.  In the book, Mark was a big help to his crew.  He cared about their safety and personal experiences.  If I were Mark and up in the mountains, I would be scared and nervous, but I would also be really excited to do it.   –Jaylee, 7th grade

These photos were taken by C. Turk in January 2007

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