Ms. Turk's Pre Algebra Class Gets Active



Two weeks ago my second hour math class went outside to work on decimals, fractions and percents. The first activity included a football and a basketball hoop. We were supposed to hit the backboard square as many times out of ten as we could. Most people didn’t make it past five. The next activity included a Frisbee and a hula-hoop. We were supposed to throw the Frisbee and try to make it in the hula hoop. Most people didn’t make it more than two times. …Chris Bradford

When we threw the football at the backboard I hit it 8 out of 10 times. I did the best in that activity. In the other activity where we threw a Frisbee at a hula-hoop I got 0 out of 10. A lot of people had the same score. It was a fun way to do our math. …Jared Miller

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November 2006