Jeffery’s parents were in an accident and died. He lived with his uncle Jeffey and Aunt Bo. Jeffery thought they were mean so he ran 1,000 miles to a town called One Mill. There he found a girl called Amanda Beale and she gave him a book. Then Jeffery caught a one footed catch from the varsity QB. After that Jeffery punted it 200 yards back to him. That next day he went and lived with the Beale’s. He thought they were nice and welcomed him. After that he went to a baseball game to watch. The team could not hit one ball so he went down and hit a home run and bunted a lizard.

After he bunted the lizard the kids were amazed and gave him the name Mysterious Man. That day the high schoolers were throwing a kid in Finsterwalds yard and Mysterious Man went up and asked him if he could come in. 

One mourning Grayson found him in the rhino pin and took him home and had him take a shower then he gave him some new clothes. That next day he was walking and he saw a railroad tie so he decided to run on it. The railroad tie was 1cm thick. At the end of the book Amanda saw him and took him to the bathroom

Austin Greiner

            Once there was a boy named Maniac who came to a town called two mills. He got there by running 200 miles. When he got there he meet a girl name Amanda Beale. She had a bunch of books and Maniac asked for one she said yes. Then Maniac went to a football practice and caught a really long ball and then punted it all the way back, he did it all with one hand. Then he went to a baseball game and after the game you could have swings and Maniac hit every ball that came to him.

Legend of Maniac Magee


            Once there was a boy named Maniac Magee who came to the town of Two Mills by running 200 miles from Hollidaysburg. At first he lived in a deer shed at the zoo. Then he moved in with a family called the Beales, but soon he just caused trouble, all the other black people wanted the white kid back on his own side. So he left the Beales and went to sleep in an abandoned shed.

                He heard two voices in the other shed next to the one he was sleeping in. He went over and found two kids inside. He took them back and found out that they were John McNab brothers, John McNab is a bully that threw a frog when him and Maniac were playing baseball. Maniac cought a really long pass then punted it back Maniac later moved in with the McNab family, but didn’t stay for long because they wanted to fight against the blacks. Maniac moved back in with the Beales, for good.


My legend


Once there was a boy named Maniac Magee who came to a town called Two Mills looking for buried treasure.

          When he got to the town he looked and looked but there was no treasure. Then he saw a dark cave, but there was no treasure.

          He almost gave up when a man came up to him and said that there is no treasure. It is jut a myth. So you should not try to find the treasure here.

          He still kept looking for the treasure. Until one day he was swimming and hit something in the water. It was the buried treasure. He was so happy. I'm rich he kept saying.  


Emily Bergren

There once was a boy named Maniac Magee who came to the town of One Flag. He was a fast runner. He ran 10,000 miles to get there. When he was running he saw a girl caring a suitcase. Maniac asked what was in it. She said that it was full of books and then Maniac asked her for one and she gave it to him.

            Maniac was very different from everyone else because he could run on the finsterwalds house and bunt a hair. He could also run on the steel rails of the train track. When maniac went to return Amanda’s book she asked him to stay.  When it was time for Maniac to go home he said he did not have a home and then Amanda asked him to stay.


Legend of Maniac Magee


Curtis McKenney

Once there was a boy named Maniac Magee who came to the town of humuhumunukunukuapoaia. He was amazing. He could run on the steal rails of the railroad. He caught a foot ball, got past the high school defense line, scored a touch down, punted the ball, and only with one hand. He hit all the pitches that were thrown by the vest pitcher. The pitchers name was McNab. McNab didn’t like Maniac and he was after him, but out of all his attempts he nether got him. Another kid that was after Maniac was Mars Var. In the end Maniac and Mars Bar became fiends. Maniac also lived in a lot of places. He lived with his aunt and uncle but they didn’t really care about him. So he ran away and lived in a Monkey Eating Man shed at the zoo. After that he lived with the Beals, but he didn’t want anyone to hurt them because of him. So he lived with the man eating turkey-clams. Then Grayson found him and took him home. When Grayson died he lived on peoples porches. Finally the Beals took him home with them.



Once there was a boy named Maniac Magee,
who lived in the town of Jufanji.
How did he get there? He ran 200 miles,
that's why they say he's opperated by dials.

 Jhon McNab pitched him a toad,
Maniac Maniac bunted it on the road.
Mars Bar Thompson, he's so bad,
Maniac Maniac got him mad.

Amanda Beale is his best friend,
Maniac Maniac slept in her bed.
Oh ol Grayson gave him his glove,
then he died and Maniac had no love.

Happy Maniac lives with Amanda now,
and he has friends but don't know how!
I'm his best friend, yup that's me!,
and that's why he still lives in Jufanfji.

Legend of Maniac Magee

Chris Gale

There ounce was a boy and his parents died. The boy’s name was Maniac Magee. After his parents died he went to live with his aunt and uncle. His aunt and uncle had big fights who would have Maniac that day. Every night they would argue. So he ran away and ran to Two Mills. Two Mills is 200 miles away. The most amazing thing is that you can still see him running in Two Mills.


Daniel Misico

            Once upon a time there was a boy named Maniac Magee who came to the town of Loolylala. He ran 2,000 miles to get there. He had no where to live so he lived in an alligator pen. One day he was walking and he mat a girl her name was Amanda. While he was with her he did many amazing things. He hit a frog with a bat. He went in a grumpy old mans house and shaved him bald. He untied a knot as big as a house. He was famous now. Then he ran away from there. He lived with an old man. The old man died. He found two little boys and lived with there family. They were not nice people. He beet them up when they tried to kill the black people. Then he ran away. No one ever saw him again. They say he lives in a ole and comes out at night to eat and run.

Legend of Maniac Magee

Bryce Reckow

        Once there was a boy named Maniac Magee who came from the town Two Mills. The scary thing about that is that he ran 300 miles to get to two Mills. He ran away from his aunt and uncle, they were always fighting. He ended up of the black side and he was white. He was not an ordinary person because he untied the Cobblers knot. After just two minutes he fell asleep hanging upside down from the cobblers knot. He also hit Mcnabbs pitch over 20 times in a row, and he bunted a frog for a homerun down the third base line. He was playing football and scored 42 touchdowns. He was chased out of the town by the black people. He was afraid that the black people would be mean to the Beal’s. So Maniac ran away. Some say he was a hero, but some say he was just a freak show.


Sarah MacPherson

1st hour

            Once there was a boy named Maniac Magee who came to the town Two Mills by running 600 miles. There were people that hated him and people that liked him. The people that hated him said he was born in a dump. Two Mills was East End and East End was where the black people live and he was white.

        Maniac was at Two Mills when he untied Cobble’s Knot. He fell asleep upside down while hanging onto the knot. Maniac was a strange boy.

        Maniac was different form other people because he did the impossible. He hit a frog ball which only a few people could do and if you could then you must have been in the Major Leagues.

        Maniac Magee also went into Finsterwalds backyard and never came out. Some people say he got eaten and some people say he never existed.

Writing a legend


Once there was a boy named maniac Magee who came to the town of twomills. He got there by running 300 miles from his home. Maniac lived practically everywhere. He lived at the zoo, with the deer, with the buffalos and some even say he lived in a dump. When he first arrived in twomills the first person he talked to was Amanda Beale. Amanda was on her way to school. After school got out Amanda took Maniac to her home and asked her mother if he could stay. Mrs. Beale hesitated at first but then said that he could stay, but at the time nobody in Twomills knew Maniac and the few people that did know him hated him. So Amanda started trying to think of ways to make him popular. She thought he could go to school with her, or go in the finsterwaldys backyard, but then she decided he should try to untie cobbles knot. He untied cobbles knot in two minutes. Then he was popular and nobody hated him. What will happen next? 



Once there was a boy named Maniac Magee who came to the town of ice. In the town of ice he became a legend. He caught a 50 yard pass in his mouth and through it back one mile. He ate a black persons hat. He bunted broccoli and got home runs. He ate on finsterwelds steps. He also ate coble’s not. That is how he became a legend.  


The Boy who was a Maniac!


          Once there was a boy named Maniac Magee who came to the town Two Mills. He’s done many things in life that make him a maniac, and here is his story.

          Maniac was named Jeffery by his parents, but when they died, his life went from good to bad. To get his name Maniac he first started by running. He ran 200 miles where he ended up in Two Mills, a town for blacks. He was white but to him, they were equal.  He noticed a game of baseball by John McNabb, so he joined.      

          What he did made him famous! Hitting over 20 homeruns, including a frog was something no one had ever done.  

          Next he was seen in Finsterwaldie’s front steps. No kid ever went in and came out alive, but he did.

          Next he lived with a black family but to him it was better than living at the zoo in a deer shed, or buffalo pen.

          Maniac did so much. Some people still see him from time to time. Usually doing a crazy stunt like racing backwards or running track ties, but if your lucky, you may see him too.


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