Middle School Students
Take Advantage
of the Snow

At the Playground-hill on Friday I had a lot of fun.  We played tug of war, and went sledding on the hill.  Sledding was fun until Kaylan got hurt on the hill.  She was alright though.  When I went in side I had hot cocoa.  It was good.  That was a good idea to have a day like that. ...Becky Cunningham

Last Thursday the middle school got to go out side and play. We got to sled, play basketball, play tug of war, and run around. In the picture Iím playing tug of war. We lost the game. It was really cold out side. I had a lot of fun. ... Kelly Koon

On Thursday we went outside to go sledding and other fun stuff. We play basketball and also a little bit of football. After that we played tug of war against the 7th graders but we lost. After that we went sledding and I got hit in the back by Parker. ...Quinn Mathews On my snow day I had fun. We played tug war and sled. My friends and I had a train. We went very fast. we ate cookies and hot cocoa. we did this on Thursday. It was very fun . ...Josh Jacobs

I stayed inside and finished my home work and had hot coco and some snacks. Also helped my friend and finished late work so I didn't have any homework. I had a good time but I didn't go outside but I still had a good time. ...Austin Olsen

We had a tug of war on Thursday. It was very fun. We lost to the 7th grade but we had it coming.
...Brandon Bohannon

On my snow fun I stayed inside. I did not have any boots so I didn't go out. I did all of my homework. I did my math packet and a paper that I forgot to turn in. I did not have any homework that night. I am happy I did all of my homework. When I stayed inside I had some hot chocolate and cookies. I had lots of fun. ...Daniel Misico

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