Ms. Turk asked her 6th grade reading class to share what they thought about 6th grade so far: likes, dislikes, favorite teacher/class, hopes for the year, sports. Here are their comments.


6th Grade

Austin Greiner


This year I’m in 6th grade so far its pretty good. My favorite thing about it is you get to eat at the place where all the snacks are. Also you get to buy snacks every day. The thing I like buying the most is the cookies. Also something that’s new to me is walking through the halls with the rest of the middle school and high school. Also my favorite class is English. My favorite teacher is Mrs. Turk, because she’s really nice. Something that’s really new to me is changing for phys ed. Things I dislike in 6th grade is there is harder work, more homework, you have to walk more through halls. The year I hope goes a lot faster than it is right now.


6TH grade

Joe E.


I like sixth grade because you are always changing classes. What I don’t like about it is that you only have thee minute switching time. When I first started changing for P.E.,  it was a little confusing but I finely got it down pat. The whole lock on the locker thing was different, but I got the hang of that. My favorite class is reading so far. I plan on the rest of the year to go smooth.


6th Grade

Derek H.


I think 6th grade is a kind of hard because if you forget a paper you get 0% on that sheet. But once you get the hang of it, it is not that hard. Sports are a little different because last year we played football with the 6th grade but we were in 5th grade. Now we are 6th grade and the 5th grade plays on our team.

It is a lot different walking through the halls with the 7th grade, 8th grade, 9th grade, 10th grade, 11th grade, and 12th grade. I think my favorite class is P.E. because we get to do a lot of fun activities. Also P.E. is different because every P.E. you have to change in to your P.E. clothes. We also get to get all a cart every day. We can get what ever we want out of all a cart. This is what I like and dislike about 6th grade.


6th Grade

Curtis M.


          In 6th grade it is a year is better than last year but harder. I like it because all the teacher are cool. I really like reading because I am starting to like it more. It is better because last year we had to finish our books and we were graded on it. we also had to read them in a certain time. This year I am aloud to take my time on the books I read and I understand it better. I like science better in some wais but not in all. I like it better because we get to work on laptops more and we have our own. I don’t like it as much because we don’t get as many projects. I can’t say that I like Mrs. Warman over Mr. Neph or Mr. Neph over Mrs. Warman they are equal. I don’t really like any of the teacher more this year than last year they are all equal they all have things I like them about. I like math because it is a challenge but it’s not too hard or easy. I also like geography because we do a lot of fun stuff just like reading and English. It is also better because we have a longer band and P.E. This year is good.

6th grade

Michael E.


I like 6th grade. it is fun because you have to do a lot of things that are harder but we also get more privileges, like eating lunch from alley cart and having our own computers. It is fun. sports has not changed excepted this year we have a 6-0 season so far this year. But I like 6th a lot we even have to know our own locker combination. My most favorite teacher this year is Mrs. Ramsey and my favorite class is mini society. I like mini society because we have to be more responsible and have to run a business and learn to handle money. We even have to remember lots of passwords and other stuff for class server. 6th grade is fun. I like 6th grade it is my favorite.

Sixth Grade

Elizabeth B.


This year I’m in sixth grade. My favorite part of sixth grade is we switch all the time so it seems like school goes by faster. We have to change into gym close it is fun being changed before any one else is in the girls locker room. My favorite teacher is Mrs. Warman because she is awesome even though she gives out the most homework. My favorite class is Mini Society because we get to make a business we get our own money for mini society (not real money) and we get to do a whole bunch of cool stuff. I used to be in band but I quit because I hate band. We have about the same amount of homework we used to have in fifth grade. I love the alicart line so much better than the regular lunch line. The thing I most hate about sixth grade is I am only in mini society, lunch, reading, and gym with Sarah and I don’t even sit by her in half the classes I have with her. That is really the only thing I hate about sixth grade. That is what I love about 6th grade!


Sixth Grade

Sarah M.


          A big change for me is that we only have 3 min. passing time and I’m really slow. I’ve never really been late I have been like 30 sec. late before but that’s not that much. I like changing for phys Ed because I don’t like being all sweaty for the day so I’m glad we can change this year. My favorite class is math because I’m doing well in it. I am the second to highest grade in the math class and I’m only losing by 1%. My favorite teacher is Mrs. Warman. she is a good teacher. Something I dislike about sixth grade is having lunch later than last year because I never eat breakfast and I’m always starving, but other than that I like sixth grade.   

6th Grade

Bryce R.


This year I am in 6th grade. There are so many responsibilities in being a sixth grader. There is so many more things that you have to be responsible for. You have to remember your locker combination in both of your lockers. When you go for gym you have to change into different cloths. It’s so much funer to be able to walk the hall ways with the high schoolers. The hardest thing about it is that you only have 3 minutes to get to your next classroom. My favorite class is Study Skills. You study for tests and work on homework in study skills. My favorite teacher is Mrs. Turk. She is really fun and lets us do a lot of things most teachers don’t let us do. Middle school is the best thing that ever happened to me in school. You also get to see all your friends, and classes are shorter than they were last year. This year the classes only last 50 minutes long, and last year they were one hour long. School is so totally sweet.


6th grade

Sierra H.


I like 6th grade because we don’t have a home room class and we have to switch classes every hour we are at school. We even get to change for P.E. We did not get to do that in 5th grade. It feels so different then 5th grade because you are around a lot of older people than you. It will be the same in tell 12th grade. Some people look at you weird because we are younger than they are. And another thing is that I’m not in every class as my best friend Brittany. Now that is weird. Some kids I’m in every class with. I wish I could be in every class with Brittany. Another good part is we get to eat with the older people.

          My favorite class is study skills. I have my favorite teacher in that class. My favorite teacher is Ms.Turk. I like that some times she will let us do all the right type or some thing like that. Oh we get to eat the good stuff in lunch. 


6th Grade

Jessa G.


          Sixth grade is a lot better than fifth grade. It is harder though. In fifth grade all you could do is get regular lunch. Now in sixth grade, we can get regular lunch or ala cart. It is also different to have to change for Physical Education. It is harder. I do like the fact that in sixth grade you have one hour classes so the day goes by like that compared to fifth grade where the day dragged on forever. I also like the fact that we have laptops to carry everywhere, minus the fact that it’s harder to carry them around. It is also fun that we don’t have recess. I never did like recess. I like the fact that in sixth grade I see my cousin more. I didn’t like the fact that in fifth grade you had art and band and physical education. You never really got a choice. Now in sixth grade you can take mini society, band, art, Spanish, computers, reading, and study skills. We have a lot to choose from. It’s cool. I also like the fact that we get either the gym before lunch, or we can get computers in the media center and we can check our email or do any thing we want. It is cool I also like the fact that I have so many different teachers. I have Mrs. Ramsey, Mrs. Warman, Ms. Turk, and Mr. Hunter. It is fun to have lots of teachers. I think I want the rest of the year to go great. I would like to get A’s in school and not get R.T.C, but I might if I am late again. I think sixth grade is the best! It is so much better than elementary.



Amy K.


          In 6th grade it is really different from elementary. You get lockers with locks which is kind of a good thing and a bad thing. it’s a bad thing, because it takes longer to get in your locker. I like that we get to go to different classes and have different teachers. I don’t really like that some times the hall ways are too crowded. Also I do like going through the hall ways with the older kids when it is not so crowded it makes my feel older and more responsible. I really don’t have a favorite teacher, they are all my favorite teachers, they are very nice and make sure that you what to do and help you when you don’t understand things. My favorite class is science with Mrs. Warmen. I like science because I like to learn about the earth science and life science, and zoology. Also I like that we get to change for P.E, because you get to change out of your sweaty close. I like 6th grade it is cool. 


6th grade

Jenafae C.


This year I’m in sixth grade. My favorite subject is science and gym. What I like about science is I understand what’s going on in class. What I dislike about science is sometimes its boring. What I like about P.E. is there’s more responsibility’s and I get to show I’m more responsible. What I dislike is some times its weird changing in front of girls even though I am a girl.

What I like about sixth grade. I like sixth grade because it seems like my day is shorter because I am always going from class to class. What I dislike about sixth grade is there’s a lot of pressure on you. The sport I’m in right now is basket ball. So far it is fun. We lost all our games so far but its fun and I like basket ball.


6th Grade

John C.


This year I’m in 6th grade and at the beginning of the year it was easier than 5th grade. Now it is beginning to get harder, once you get the hang of it you will like it better. My favorite class is phys. ed. My favorite teacher is Mr. Hunter. He is cool and fun. I play football for the Onekama Portagers, and football is fun and hard. I hope I pass 6th grade though. I like 6th grade because we can have locks on lockers. It is more challenging then elementary. Then I hope 6th grade will become easier. That is what I want this year.


These comments were written
in October 2006


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