Every Thursday I ride the bus to go skiing. It is a lot of fun. The bus leaves the school at about 3:15. We arrive at Crystal Mountain around four. Then you can go ski as much as you want but you need to be back on the bus by 8:00.
~Moriah Miller

      Every Thursday I go up to Crystal Mountain and snowboard. Last Thursday I went to giggles park and tried the big box. I got about half way on it and fell. My tail bone really hurt. ~Emily Bergren

Ski Club

    On Thursday nights I go skiing at Crystal Mountain. I don't ski with the school group though. I have a season pass but I ski with friends. You could consider me in the middle of professional and beginner skiers. I AM NOT A BEGINNER SKIER! I am more towards professional. I like to jump and ski  backwards. I like to go on the North Face and the back of Lokey. The front of Lokey is so awesome though. I like to bomb it. Well that is what I do on Thursday nights. ~Becky Cunningham

  Middle School Sports for 2006-07