Onekama's Cheerleaders!

Grades 5-8

I am in cheerleading. In cheerleading we learn a lot of cheers. I have cheered at two 7/8 games. I haven't cheered at any 5/6 games yet. Our coaches are Meghan and Marlee. We want to be able to do stunts, but we are not sure if it is okay. Meghan and Marlee are going to ask Mrs. Hagen if we can. We get to do crowd cheers. It is so cool to do a crowd cheer because you can get the crowd into the spirit of the game. We also do cheers on the side of the court, but we can't be under the basket. I like to cheerlead. Cheerleading is fun. ...Emily C.B.




Photos by Barb

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The 2006-2007 Boys Basketball Season

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